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The one with the Shelves.

My last set up didn't last long (as usual), but hopefully this one will.
Shelves have been done may times before, but I really like the look.

Running CM7
Widgetlocker with mclock mod (Set to load ADWlauncher on press) [link]

Shelf by omercetin [link]

Knocked up a few variations of the wallpapers when playing with this layout, so here they are: [link]
(Excuse the stupid file names, I run out of ideas when saving! lol)

Icons: Mixture of Genesis and Glaciens HD using Desktop Visualizer

PlayerPro widget.

Ask and receive.
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Favorite for NERO!
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Really nice set up man. Plus nice song as well.
Looks very nice man! :)
Can u send me the psd of the wallpaper with two shelfes (the same one like here in ur picture)
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I'm not sure if I still have it, well I probably do but have no idea where!
I'll have a search around for you!
Wow, would be nice, Thanks a lot!! :)
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Here you go: [link]

Tidied it up a bit and named the layers so hopefully it all makes sense!
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looks pretty cool for CM7 ;)
Could you share the dock please? Can't find it in the comments.
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Here the original: [link]

I think I may have resized it for these screens.
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just started customizing my droid, oh what fun... This has given me some real inspiration!
Very nice work! Thanks for sharing it and the links.
I REALLY like this and I need on my phone so here are some questions:

Is the first pic the lockscreen? If so how is it set up?
How do you resize the icons and put them in place and not where ADW puts them?

And how do you launch the app deck?

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The first pic is my lockscreen yes. Using widgetlocker and mclock with my arrow skin, set to load my launcher on press.

Used desktop visualizer for the icons, and are positioned using a 7x9 grid in ADW ex.

App deck was just an invisible icon bottom center, or where ever you like it.

Wallpapers linked in the discription
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really nice, mind sharing home clock?
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Have a look at the comments, I think I already posted a link further down for someone else
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check the description, updated a link to all the modded wallpapers.
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