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The Complete Rework Collection - mClock Themes

I decided to make a complete pack of all my 'Rework' mClock skins.
This will probably be the last time I use this .psd and style as I think its time to put it to rest.

I have made a few modifications from the previous versions, tidied up a few things and added some colour for those who want it.

The small and wide style should now fit 3x1 and 4X1 widgets respectively, so no more edges being cropped!

If you have any of the previous versions I suggest deleting them before using this. (Unless you really like the shadows on the older versions)

How to:
• Install mClock from the market.
• Create a folder in the root of your SD card called 'mClock'.
• Extract the .zip content into this folder.
• Add mClock widget on your homescreen.
• Hit "Xml Template" in the mClock settings.
• go to /sdcard/mClock/ReWorkClock/ and select the folder and then .xml file of desired style.

Enjoy folks!

I tried the other styles with coloured frames, but I didn't think they looked right... However if a few people want the other styles coloured, I may well do it, so let me know.
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Thnx, nice work!
muqtaliff's avatar
Nice stuff! Thanks for sharing
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Thanks, no problem.
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This is awesome! I love it even if it's soo small in my Samsung GS3 screen :(

Btw, where can I find those apps icons/theme?
Please :)

Thank you
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lol yea, they are pretty small now, times moving on!

the icons are PurityFS: [link]
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Alright, thank you :)

Couldn't you make a bigger version?
First time user here not to sound like a total noob, but where can u dl the file? Haha
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On the right of the image it says 'downloads files'
Thank you for the wide set . Also would you mind sharing links for 3 wallpapers displayed in the models ? Thanks and keep up the good work .
********Disregard . I see the links to two of the wallpapers .
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Cool, get them ok?
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hey really nice work...
none of them works on my phone tho :P
i use ripped clock XD
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What doesn't work about them for you?
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they don't fit in the screen...too big
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Made for HDPI and above.
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Although the smaller ones should fit on a MDPI screen.
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Thank you for sharing your collection. :D
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Wow Chris! Appreciate your work :thumbsup:
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Can't get the background to show on my widgets. Please help, they look cool.
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nevermind, got it working eventually by playing around with the XML files. My phone's directories are so so messed up!

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Your skin looks really cool, but they are too big for my HTC Wildfire's QVGA screen :/
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