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Ribbon mClock Skin V2


After a few requests from my original ribbon mclock [link] I decided to make a updated version with black and white clocks, and a selection of different colour ribbon overlays.

How to:
• Install mClock from the market.
• Create a folder in the root of your SD card called 'mClock'.
• Extract the .zip content into this folder.
• Add mClock widget on your homescreen.
• Hit "Xml Template" in the mClock settings.
• go to /sdcard/mClock/RibbonClockV2/ and select desired white or black clock .xml file.

To change the colour of the ribbons, open up the .xml file of the clock/calander you want to change and on the line
<Image Image="... red_overlay.png replace red with desired colour.

Colour options:

More colours available on request.
If there are any issues (and there probably will be!) please let me know so they can be fixed, thanks!
The overlay (the ribbons) may be incorrectly positioned on different resolution devices. Only tested on 480x800.
Can't confirm if layout will always be right.

I recommend a 2x1 Widget for the clock, and 1x1 for the calendar for best alignment of overlay. Can then be resized using launcher.

Original clock .PSD came from here: [link]
© 2011 - 2021 chrisbanks2
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those are not working for me. Whatever size i chose, it shows me the black line in between the upper and downer "flipcard" slided to left and right =/
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Make sure you're using a 2x1 widget for the clock.
Bearing in mind these where designed back when 800x480 was the standard resolution, so may not b working as well on larger phones
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great work..i have a it the same as sdcard ? Because i only can put the clock on my homescreen =/
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Try editing the .xml text. Wherever it mentions sdcard, change it to your location
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how do i change to 12 hour formaT?
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open up the .xml file in a text editor and change the line is24hour="true" to false.
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i got it thanks anyway :D
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Hey man.....

First of all, everything you've done so far is first class. However, I can't seem to get your ribbon clock v2 to show properly. The background won't show on my home screen. I have a droid rzr maxx running the new ICS OTA. Any suggestions? Thanks for the help. And, yes, the skin was extracted to sdcard/mClock/RibbonClockv2. LOL! Thanks for these and all the effort sir.
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And thank you for the praise lol. Much appreciated!
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hmm, if the sdcard called sdcard on your phone, in a file manager say?
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using a samsung galaxy S2, i did all the steps above but only the numbers show up, the background png doesn't :(
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Double check that the path is correct:
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I got it to work. It extracted the folder with the full name of the zip. I just had move the folder containing png's and xml's out. Thanks again, bro. Dark matter and Fusion icons, Fusion and ribbon mclocks..... my razr maxx looks awfully sweet!
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No problem man. Glad you like my stuff!
amazing!! one question tho, how do you change it to a 12hr clock? I changed the part that says is24hour="true" in the xml file as I think this is what controls the 12hr or 24hr display. My time has changed to a 12hr display but the white overlay backgroud didn't resize properly. any ideas on how to change it?
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Using a 2x1 widget?
you did the right thing to change the 24hr clock.
oh haha thanks solved it!! i was using a 4x1 haha. thanks a ton, love this mclock skin a lot
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Where's the download button lol sorry i'm new and cant figure out how to download this to my phone please help anybody
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Top right corner, beside the preview image.
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hey! like your skin very much! is there a link that i can go to to learn how to do xml codings? if u know pls pm me!
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I don't have one, sorry.
I just tend to open up .xml's and have a play.
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nice artwork bud...may i get ur Homescreen wall?
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