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Rework - mClock Theme

This is my latest theme for mClock, inspired by the style of the two MIUI clocks.

The .zip contains both black and white clocks, with a few colour options also available.

Although similar, this is completely original material, made up of just under 30 Photoshop layers.

• Install mClock from the market.
• Create a folder in the root of your SD card called 'mClock'.
• Extract the .zip content into this folder.
• Add mClock widget on your homescreen.
• Hit "Xml Template" in the mClock settings.
• go to /sdcard/mClock/ReWorkClock/ and select desired .xml file.

As usual, if there are any problems or layout issues, please let know so they can be fixed.

EDIT: Now added month-day and day-month options, as well as a stripe version, seen here: [link]

The Complete Rework Clock Collection: [link]
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The Best theme for mClock
komputeromaniak's avatar
My favourite clock ;)
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great work, thank you~~
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great stuff, featured here :)
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yebb, path was right, i fix it by completely remove folder and make new. looks like something affect it after flashing new rom. now works !
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Oh okay. As long as its working now though :)
Can i have the right wallpaper please?
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Don't think I have it anymore, sorry. Pretty sure it came from wallbase [link] though
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It's great. It was great till i install ICS 4.0.4. From that time, even i back to old backup with Gingerbread, even reinstall everything, i don't have background in clock, just time and date :-(
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Sounds like the 'path' isn't right. You sure it's located in: /sdcard/mClock/ReWorkClock/
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Can u teach me how to do this on iphone? im having hard time installng this.
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This is for an Android app. I wouldn't know how to port it across for iPhone as I have no experience with themeing one.
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Ow i see. but i saw something here they have this on there iPhone/iPod. :(
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I'm not sure, got a link?
KimJinJin's avatar
Nope but I've seen one before :(
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"Create a folder in the root of your SD card called 'mClock'. "

Could I do it without taking out the sd card from my phone ?
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Yea, just use a file explorer on the phone.
You can always change the path in the .xml if needed.
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I don't know what changed but later on it worked perfectly. Thanks anyways
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i did as the above instructions but umm i don't seem to have a proper background to the's just numbers and letters showing up... O_O
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Check the path /sdcard/mClock/ReWorkClock/ is correct.
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