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ROU-UI Holo Widgetlocker Theme

Been a while since I have made a Widgetlocker theme, so after a request above, I thought I'd make a new one.

There are two themes in the .zip.
The first is shown in the preview image, and the second is identical apart from it is black and white.

There is also a folder which contains the PSD's, for anyone who wants to make different colours, or change the 'built in' icons.
To change the icons, I recommend downloading the Action Bar Icon Pack from the Android Design Developer site [link] and using the offical holo_dark icons, keeping in style with ICS.

ROU UI Concept by cryshop: [link]
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Thank you so much!!
I want to download.
But I don't know where is link.
Help me please.
Sweet theme! I'm using it now but I did some editing. ^_^
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Could you please explain how to install/use the contents of the zip?
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unzip the download. Inside it are two widgetlocker themes, which are also .zips, among other things. it is them you need to install the usual way in widgetlocker 
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I :heart: it! Nice work :)
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Do please could you tell me as the themes are installed in widgedlocker and then as the change?
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I don't really understand your question.
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how do i install
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like any other widgetlocker theme
There is a Volume symbol that appears just above the camera selection that won't let me unlock to the camera. Any help with that?
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Need to change what unlocking upwards does in widgetlocker settings, to camera.
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Very nice!

I also have to say that it's great finding people who generously share their creations, I'm looking through the files to see how these WL themes are put together because there's not really any guides for custom sliders other than the iPhone slide style. So thanks for the share!
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No problem, hope they are of some use for you
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Nice ! original and class :)
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Thanks, although the originality came from a Concept by cryshop as in the description :)
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See that, good adaptation ;)
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Looks really great! :) but do you have a QR code download link so I can get this without using my phones browser?
chris ur my F'in hero i tell you. my F'in HERO.

im a bigger fan of your widgetlocker themes than the icons, since i hate the grid layout of icons i tend to not have much on my homescreens at all.

the lockscreen on the other hand i like changing up themes very much..

i've used a few of your themes already and i feel bad, anywhere i can donate?
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Cheers, glad you like my themes. Don't worry about donating lol, but thanks for the offer ;)
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That is really nice. Totally using that. B-)
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