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G.I. Joe: Baroness

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Sketch done by Ace Continuado.  Ink and Copic Markers by myself 
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Baroness from G. I. Joe is not evil, and not a villainette. Wow!!! Baroness from G. I. Joe is the strongest, muscliest, intelligentest, speediest, enormousest, tallest, fiercest, hardest, shiniest, roboticest, skillfullest, cleverest, grumpiest, angriest, machoest, gorgeousest, bravest, uncrybabyishest, warriorishest, ninjaishest, toughest, violentest, superheroicest, aggressivest, tomboyishest, athleticest, talentiest, trickiest, technicalest, greatest, invinciblest, defensivest, unstoppablest, ungirlishest, superset, fantasticest, wonderfullest, untimidest, bionicest, steeliest, metallicest, awesomest, terrificest, baddest, masterliest, unsaddest, hottest, coolest, sexiest, intensest, activest, truest, hardcorest, unclumsiest, maximumest, incrediblest, brilliantest, mightiest, feistiest, sassiest, nerviest, courageousest, wrathiest, fairest, strong-willedest, strong-mindedest, succussfullest, brawniest, brainiest, cynicalest, lion-heartedest, unafraidest, knightliest, famousest, fabulousest, legendariest, enduranceousest, rankiest, boldest, abilitifullest and majorest G. I. Joe non-hero princess ever! Baroness from G. I. Joe rocks!!Love