Dragon*Con 2011

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Just a quick entry to let everyone know I will be at Dragon*Con this Labor Day weekend.  I'll have a table in the art show, so stop by and say hello.
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Okay. See ya there. :XD:
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I hope you are getting a great airfare :)
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I'm swimming across...just so I can see ya! :D
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Sorry you couldn't make it. Mark Poole has AMAZING work. His new stuff is a huge jump over what he was doing just a few years ago. I'm really happy for him, he's been working hard. Larry was super busy with fans and his keepers had him on a short leash. I was only able to speak to him for a minute before they whisked him off to a panel. He looked really tired. Mark had seen him at GenCon and said he seemed okay, though, so I hope he's alright. The art show featured Whelan, Boris, Julie Bell (was never a fan, but have to admit she is turning out some nice stuff), Maitz, Lockwood and so many more. If the art keeps getting better I won't be able to jury into that show. Very little fan stuff compared to the old days...maybe ten percent. Met Paul Vincenti for the first time and barely got a word in!

The con was even more crowded than before and traffic control is becoming a major issue. No publishers, MASSIVE steam punk presence. Saw Ruth in the dealers room. Allen's not doing shows, took a job in game development after working on the stalled "In the Mountains of Madness" movie. Saw Norman Hood, walked into his booth and was greeted by one of my pieces of art prominently displayed, which was a nice thing to see at a con where I'm such a small potato. Didn't get to chat with him long (which seemed to be the theme of the convention.)

Brent Spiner asked me for directions, so your Richard Hatch story is now second best. Hope everything is great there. Say hi to Yan Bing and Joey.

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I agree. I've been following Mr. Poole's latest on his web-site, and am thrilled at what I've been seeing. I really miss the contained chaos that be Dragon-Con. I met Paul V. the last year I attended, and had a great time being in the presence of so much energy. Not quite the same as being around Cheryl Mandis, but close, lol, very close.

Good news about Allen. What company is he working for? Did Ruth mention the name. It world be interesting to look up some of the products. I'm still waiting on Guild Wars 2 to come out, but it will probably be a while before I get to play it. Also good news about the art show, in that the quality has been going up. The last year I was there still had quite a bit of fan art, where one walks by and wonders, "what the heck is that!"

Talk about traffic! If there was a show like that in China, there wouldn't be a place big enough to hold it, lol. Everywhere one goes here there are people! I was in Wal-Mart on a Saturday night, and it was crazy! Way too much noise and visual stimulation. I had to beat a hasty retreat.

Thanks for the update, and Yan Bing (who is next to me on the couch knitting a shawl), as "Hi" back!

Btw, watched the new Thor movie on DVD last night. As a fan from way back, I was not impressed, lol.