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Firiona Vie, Everquest

By ChrisAppel
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This was commissioned by SOE for Lost Dungeons of Norrath, but they ended up going with a different piece of art.
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This was the best game I ever played. Cant stand the engine with what we have today, and Everquest 2 was a let down. But I remember kindly of my adventures in south and north ro, killing nagafen, lady vox, camping the aviary towers... 

I never felt this way with any other game, ever. Thanks for bringing up those memories... Awesome art. 
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Was this before or after that guy died?
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If you mean Keith Parkinson, he was still alive, but had left his Everquest gig to develop a computer game of his own.
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And to add, like this picture than the one used. Part of the reason why is because her mammary glands. Largest I've seen by far in your gallery too. Makes me wonder if you're one of those artists that has a secret account somewhere on the net and draws pin-up fetish art heh heh.

Ignoring that, the ranger looks better then the paladin used in that picture as well.