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My name is Christopher Appel. A long-time illustrator and game developer, you may know me from my work for Weird Wars, Deadlands, Legends of the Five Rings, Anachronism and other games. Or perhaps you remember some of the computer games I worked on in the 1990s, like the Wizardry series, or the expansions to Unreal.

More recently, I've devoted my time to historical subjects, illustrating books for the European market. When not producing artwork, I like to travel with my family, watch old movies, and read non-fiction.

I hope you enjoy the work!

Dragon*Con 2011

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Just a quick entry to let everyone know I will be at Dragon*Con this Labor Day weekend.  I'll have a table in the art show, so stop by and say hello.
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I experienced a revelation today which was so sad, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. I've been on a number of freelance sites today looking for new clients.  There are plenty of jobs out there, but I was struck--as I always am--by the ridiculously low pay scales offered.  One company needed a 50 page graphic novel illustrated for a budget of $500. At ten dollars a page, even Jack Kirby in his prime would only be making minimum wage, while most artists would be pulling $10-20 a day on that project. I kept searching. While most projects on the site were offering $20-30 dollars per assignment, one job involved illustrating a poster for ju
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I just heard that Jeff Jones has passed away. Jeff was an amazing talent; a prolific book cover artist, cartoonist and fine artist.  A member of the famous Wrightson/Kaluta/Smith Studio, Jones was a big part of the fantasy landscape for my generation. Sad news.
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Have you gone to any more conventions since Dragon Con 2011?
hi, more werewolf art would be cool
Excellent Work!

I'm glad Brother Bob told us about you!
Welcome to DA, Chris. My name is Robert Ashcraft. Bob Giadrosich and I also share some history. DA has many great aspects... a few not so great. Enjoy discovering them all.

Your work is quite good. I particularly like your fantasy work. It seems the more you are allowed by a client to explore emotion and personality, the better your work is. Several pieces really caught my eye as simply great illustrations. For instance; "Warcraft - Gellrin", and "The Invocation" were especially eye catching for me.

Once again, welcome.
Nice to read your comments, Robert. I think I met you (and Bob) a long time ago at a Chattacon panel. No reason you'd remember me, but Bob grabbed the sketchbook I was carrying and that started a conversation on art that has lasted about three decades.

I'm tied up on a deadline at the moment, but I did breeze through your gallery. You seem to have landed a lot of entertaining commercial art gigs. Nicely done--I'll have to take a closer look next week when I'm not racing the clock.

And I need to send Bob a thank you for sending so many folks my way.
Can't wait to see more the first three I awesome.