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Flash Hoodie

I have gotten into the mood of designing clothes again. I've been looking for a new hoodie but can't find one. Being bored I decided to draw up my own hoodies. This is what came of it since I have been really into DC and Marvel comics lately. I've done a bunch of them so far and my dad and freinds keep asking for different people. Guess you'll be seeing more of these pretty soon. If anyone has anyone else they would like to see I would be glad to do them if I can.

I really wish that I could sow or something. I would make one of these for my self and maybe make some adjustment along the way. Or if I had money I could get someone else to make it. Hmm.....If only. I relly really love Barry Allen and Wally West! Best Flashes ever! xD

All of these are property of DC Universe but the designs are mine.
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This needs to be a thing. I would buy the Impulse hoodie in heartbeat.
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If I ever saw the Kid Flash hoodie anywhere I would totally buy it. I want to get one of them made so bad.