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with the return of dragonball, it got me thinking about DBZ again and also for years, i've been trying to draw in manga style, just for fun. but when i redrawn an old picture from 2002, so  i decided to make more. and then when i drawn Mochi, i decided to make a webcomic about her. and now here it is! come check out my new spinoff/fan comic, Quest for Power!
Oops! i forgot to mention my other comic, Victory will be doing a 31 day update as well! check it out! man, I'm going to be very busy this month!
My first ever Gingerbread Man Chronicles Halloween special is here! This is a tie-in to the Halloween Cameo Caper 2014. here, you'll see characters from other webcomics, having fun and interacting with our little hero. this comic will update everyday until Halloween! I hope you'll stick around and enjoy the special!
Join us this Wednesday for the debut of Fan-Comic Theatre, where we'll do crossovers and remakes of stories with my favorite characters and characters from  THE GINGERBREAD MAN CHRONICLES and VICTORY! the first chapter will feature  THOMAS AND ZACHARY  
Check out the latest page of The Gingerbread Man Chronicles
Check out the latest page of The Gingerbread Man Chronicles