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June 28, 2018
breeding by Chris-Karbach
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"it's a bad time to travel north. it's breeding season". 
Wild boars were the worst she could think of at the time, well aware that even they would have been a threat... but this?! 
"Farah! Come back!" she jolted forward to protect her dog from the fastly approaching dragon. The widely opened mouth of the dragon filling up her view, now seeming only a few feet away. She cries out, her arms holding the staff shaking in fear as everything around her fades to bright light..
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That poor, stupid dog.

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And when she awakens, the dog is cowering by her, whimpering, as she stares at the dragon, frozen in place by what, she did not no. But the wizardess mutters a thank you to the gods as she and the dog carefully skirt the still form of the dragon.

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"Just gotta sneak past the dragon..."
"Bow bow bow bow bow bow bow <bark bark ark>
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Dragon is perfect!
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 Beautiful, Wonderful I do Love Fantasy and this Art is Magnificent.
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thank you very much, glad you like it! :)
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love the title....its what i call baby people "Breeders"
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Never get between a mama and her babies if you know what's good for ya 
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man, will i get this good...
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I'm quite sure you will Elaina, if you keep up drawing :)
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does this count as anime?
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Thanks mate! I appreciate it! :)
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Great job! Like this.
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Thank you, glad you like it!
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