It's a good day :)

Today for me is one of those unforgettable days:

In Project Scissors: NightCry team, near to names like Hifumi Kono, the legendary man behind the horror classic videogame cult serie Clock Tower (I was only 7 while playing it and terrifying myself), Takashi Shimitzu (director of the movie serie The Grudge and Ju-On), always near the unique Masahiro Ito who made the Silent Hill saga so legendary and cultish also for its incredible game creatures (Pyramid Head), or Nobuko Toda, the talentous musician behind sagas like Metal Gear Solid, Halo and the last Final Fantasy, or Akira Uchiyama that was behind Bayonetta and Joseph Chou that certainly contributes to art with many incredible film franchises Capitan Harlock and many others...well...there's me:

A 25 years old boy from Italy, called Chris Darril :DC1a7010aee3712569d2dcbec152ab1f4 Large by Chris-Darril1c31c6d1970da9f5958776c72ee77cf9 Large by Chris-Darril127287a4f30044d22a80720f46e49d4e Large by Chris-Darril
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By Chris-Darril
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AstriasStudent Writer
Complimenti! :)
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Chris-DarrilProfessional Digital Artist
Grazie infinite :D