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My Bio

I am an alternative artist.

If you ask me there is something fun to find in all styles and genres.

I take commissions and do everything from comics, runestones, tattoo designs and portraits.

I can also do collaborations and art trades but only with close friends.



As I said before I take commissions and I draw very much everything you want.

If you are interested then send me a private NOTE so we can discuss motive and prices.

Payment will be made by PAYPAL only.

I do NOT take Deviantart POINTS

You can also contact me on

You can also visit my Furanffinity gallery…

Or my YouTube channel…

Here is my Facebook page…

And here is my Twitter

Favourite Visual Artist
John Bauer,Brian Froud,Hans Arnold,HR Giger,John K,Ralph Bakshi,Milton Knight,Edika,Graham Ingles,Hideshi Hino and manny more.
Favourite Movies
Bride of Frankenstein,Suspiria,BAD TASTE,Reanimator,Evil Dead,A SERBIAN FILM,120 days in Sodom,Fritz the cat,who framed roger rabbit and manny more.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Skinny Puppy,Danzig,Electric Wizard,Rob zombie,Nick Cave,Tom Waits,Elvis and plenty more.
Favourite Books
Äldreomsorgen i övre Kågedalen,It,The hellbound heart and some more.
Favourite Writers
Lovecraft,Poe,Clive Barker,Stephen King,Nikanor Teratologen,Gabrielle Wittkop,Kafka and some more.
Other Interests
runestones,art,movies,music,comics,folktales,horror and all kinds of cartoons
Wow time really flies! Ten years ago I decided to open a gallery on this site because I thought it would be fun to try it out. And its been way more rewarding than I could have imagined. DA has been one of the best things that has happened to me in my development as an artist. Very much thanks to commissioners that made me do stuff that I would otherwise never come up with the idea to do and discover new techniques to create with. This site has a bad reputation , mainly because its infamous for being a meeting place for extremely weird people. An sure I can agree with that. Believe me I have meet a good number of them during the years. But this is the internet so meeting weird people is inevitable. But I never focused on the bad apples and only on the good ones which Im luckily to have befriended plenty of. Here are some of the awesome people I got to know during these years.
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This is an epilogue to... For those who don’t know my friend for the past decade, Anders Löfgren aka Furious Clown died earlier this year. He had been tested positive for Covid-19 but we weren’t sure if that killed him. His sister contacted me that the autopsy result had arrived and it turned out that he had high blood pressure, sleep apnea, enlarged heart (cardiomegaly) and had two healed heart attacks. Apparently you can have heart attacks without knowing it. He also took care or his elderly mother till she passed away. So yeah, he had a lot of weight on his shoulders. But If Covid was the final blow we still don’t know. He was not the complaining type and never told me anything about his problems so when all of this came out it was a big shock for me and a lot of other people. So you might say that his heart was to big for his body to handle. And it’s his big heart that he will be remembered for. See you later Anders!
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Last month something happened that I never thought would happen The 26th of January Anders W-Löfgren aka Furious Clown asked me for an commission on Facebook. It was going to be a tribute to his father that had passed away recently. He wanted it to be similar to the tribute I did to his mother back in 2016 I did a sketch and posted it to him. Strangely he didn’t comment the post, even though I could clearly see that he had seen the message. I thought he was just tired and would answer the next day, but he didn’t. I got concerned and visited his FB page and then it became clear to me what had happened My friend was dead, he had passed away. His sister contacted me a while after and said that the police had found him lifeless on the bathroom floor They suspect that he got a heart attack. He had been having Corona for a while but it din’t seem to serious according to him They are not sure if it was Covid 19 that killed him, they are gonna do an
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Thanks a lot for the favs, I appreciate it

No prob. Dig your art