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Paint.NET Reflection Tutorial

This is a simple reflection tutorial in Paint.NET.

It works fine with flat objects, with 3D objects the perspective is wrong.
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This is very helpful! Thank you so much for making this :D.
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wow, thats awesome
This is another way of making arts in the internet. It is just a one click away. - Reputation Repair
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That is not art. That is a shock site.
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This is indeed a must read topic. This is eventually helpful for users of - James Stuckey
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Thanks this works perfectly :D
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Holy wow, tat be a epic tutorial.

*Starts making signature for forums*
roseliathekittie's avatar
:D Worked well for my 2d Avatar
FancyFest's avatar
Wow, it's so much easier than I thought!
Thanks alot!
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You're welcome.
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this will probably make my shadows and other stuff much easier ^^ thanks and great job
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You're welcome! 8)
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Thanks! It works really great!
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Glat to hear that. Thanks for the comment!
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You're welcome!
Awesome tutorial, thanks! Worked like a charm.
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ok, well it does'nt matter now does it :) I like your Capital A ttorial better than your 3d cube
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You're both right but the correct perspective was not my intention. :D
It's just the procedure I used for my icon pack, which is not 3D. :)
For the right perspective there's a plugin available I think. (At least it was it for a earlier version of the programm.)
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I kind of agree, the 3d perspective gets screwed up by flipping it
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Yep, good point.
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