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Still looking for the perfect setup... ;D

Logon Screen: modded original Windows XP logonui.exe
Icons Theme: Flyakite OSX, an 'ecqlipse 2' modification
Visual Style: dumbass v4
Wallpaper: sonn v2
foobar by lassekongo83 - only changed some colours and the background file
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밥은 먹고 다니냐?
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Can you write that in english please?
I only see squares :)
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Hello how i make a mega screenshot like that?
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That's no mega screenshot.
I just merged two screenshot to one file :)
i used your packager, but i realize that the icons are white which makes me unable to see some of them. I downloaded the black ico files but do I have to change them one by one?
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i recommend you to use anthoniums IP theme, that's in black too.
thank you so much, do you know any programs that I can choose png as icons?
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Sorry don't know any programs that use .png's.
Png's can be used with dock programs only, I think.
You either need a program as icon packager or one of those theme packs as Flyakite OSX e.g.
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Looks awesome! Just wondering about those big icons right under the start menu, is that a program?

Also, if you release a new ecqlipse may I suggest some icons for Adobe CS4 Products. =D
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I use RocketDock for minimized applications, kind of taskbar "replacement".
In some cases, I think, it's somehow clearer than having 10 open programs in the taskbar.
awesome theme. any plans for vista?
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Thanks. Sorry, no Vista yet.
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i loove that loginscreen! did you make it all by your self? Is it downloadable? :D
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Yes, I modified the the loginscreen file that comes with Windows XP.
Don't know if you should use someone else's logonui.exe on your operating system.
Are you familiar with altering system files? I could send you the files you need to do it yourself.
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yeah, i'm a bit familiar with that. if you could send the files that would be awesome!
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meanwhile i put all the files together and wrote you a description.
please send me a note with your e-mail address.
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ok, just did it :)
pretty cool!! but where can i get the Dumbass V4 VS?? I didn't found it here :-(
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versuch mal den hier, ist eine abgewandelte version: [link]
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schöner shot! :)
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danke :).
nur das rote opera ikon stört mich. man kann es nicht austauschen ohne dass das programm anschließend abstürzt.
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