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  • Dec 1, 1985
  • Canada
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Llama: Llamas are awesome! (8)
My Bio
A tall troll-like being from the treacherous mountains of British Columbia, it primarily feeds on loud music and pretty pictures with a strong nutritional requirement for frequent new material. It also sometimes produces primitive art-like structures of its own, leading some to speculate that it may possess near-human-level intelligence.

Favourite Visual Artist
Dali, Escher, Bosch, and the entire Haida Nation; Aaron Diaz, Kate Beaton, Evan Dahm, Spike Trotman, Pete Abrams, and many others.
Favourite Movies
Highlander, Fight Club, Heavy Metal, Waking Life, etc.
Favourite TV Shows
Everyone Loves Hypnotoad ALL HAIL THE HYPNOTOAD
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Clutch, Blind Guardian, Megadeth, Arkona, Testament, Dio, Death, Corrosion of Conformity, Dead Kennedys, Misfitsetc.
Favourite Books
All of them
Favourite Writers
Tolkien, Lovecraft, Dunsany, Poe, Aldiss, Gene Wolfe, Kay Kenyon, etc.
Favourite Games
Chess, hockey, wiki-roulette, competitive masturbation, etc.
Favourite Gaming Platform
A chess board? A frozen stream? I don't follow you.
Tools of the Trade
Pencils, pens, paper, my own two hands, plus a wide assortment of carving and scraping implements. Also sandpaper. Gotta love sandpaper.
Other Interests
Hiking, birdwatching, sitting next to a stream for three hours writing crappy poetry, fantasy/sci-fi world-building, etc.
Would I lie to you? (constantly, without pause or consideration) I finally uploaded the finished section of my unfinished novel project, "Bean Sídhe", yesterday. The plan was to have four sections of 100 pages or less each (this section is 79 pages), but after beginning Part Two I lost the impetus to complete it and wandered off to other stories (many of which are posted here, as well as on Figment). After re-reading it yesterday I've become more confident in the idea of completing it, pretty much all the plot threads are left dangling in a provocative manner which cries out for further installments. This section of the novel is set in the
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Just... drifting. Like plankton. Caught in currents of unknowable extent. Sooner or later I'll touch shore again. The waters all come back to where they started eventually.
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It was brought to my attention a few weeks ago that Deviant Art has a bad reputation for being a wretched hive of pornographers. It is apparently "common knowledge" on the internet that the Literature on DA must be avoided at all costs, as it's apparently nothing but horrifying slash-fiction. I'm well aware that this is not entirely true, that there is a lot of speculative fiction to be found here as well, but folk-beliefs are powerful things. This information made me think "Wait, so maybe it's not that my stories are terrible, but that I'm basically trying to sell fresh fruit from a sewage treatment plant?". Maybe not the fairest assessment,
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Happy Chestbursting Day!
I will forever treasure the hours I spent talking with you. I miss you beyond your knowledge. I will never, ever forget how much I love you.
I miss you Kyle. I hope you're having fun wherever you are! Thank you for leaving us so much to remember you by. Love you.
Thank YOU for the faves as well!
did you know that when I clear my deviation stacks I leave yours because I can't bring myself to delete them?
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