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Land Narwhal and Young

Acrylic on acquired acrylic painting on canvas.
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Do you sell prints of this photo?

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I love this! And mountain monster think I heard something about some band quite liking that one too ;) lol. Do you have prints for sale?
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I would definitely buy a print. Pm if possible.
I regret not buying this when I had the chance.
How do I buy a print of this!?!
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:D This looks like it could be in Spore! Lol I love it! 
Is there any chance you're selling prints of this one?
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This is possibly the best thing I've ever seen.
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This is just pure fantastic.
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I love these! This one is my favorite! So cute and funny! Well done!
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Fantastic! And another request for a larger print size :-)
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This wins the internet. I need a large print! So amazing.
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All of these are great! I love them!
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I love this so much. If you make a bigger print I'll probably end up buy one of each of your works.
This is fantastic.
I also request a larger print.
A second for the request for a much larger version. I would / will buy if offered in something of decent size. . .

The sharp contrast in relatively muted color is wonderful.
Wish this was available in a larger print. I was hoping to hang it in my living room over the sofa.
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