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  • July 23
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Hello! Im Zed/Stasis, and i only draw hooved ocs because i dont want to look at feet for ref . Im not very active outside of personal art!

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Scott Pilgram V.S. The World, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle
Favourite TV Shows
uhhhh how its made?
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Favourite Books
Dungeon Meshi
Favourite Writers
you think i READ?
Favourite Games
Okami, Pokemon, Loz, Persona 3, Persona Q
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo 3ds? either that or Playstation 2
Tools of the Trade
Huion H420 and a wacom Intuos
Other Interests
uhhhh i cry a lot
da continuing to prove how much of a garbage fire it is i'll only be uploading to toyhouse until the foreseeable future from now on ✌ Wont delete acc but you can consider it abandoned- please direct all future inquires to my toyhouse if possible!
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End of this ramble will have stuff about pending commissions This whole ai stuff sucks . I really want to post here more but between personal stuff n this site shooting itself in the foot every other week im like... why even bother anymore... ive been having reservations about uploading my art to public sites that arent discord for a while now and stuff like this is kinda discouraging. Long ass excuse incoming but the past few months (since june, really) have been crazy bad on both my mental health but also my art turnout... i started working 6 day workweeks in the midsts of a few homelessness scares and just didnt have the time or motivation to do anything that I couldnt complete in one sitting... stopped playing games i loved, stopped being able to hang out with friends... and then everything kinda lined up right when my seasonal depression hit so for a couple weeks it got Really Bad . [Doing a bit better now! Less suicidal! :D] My attitude towards my art has taken a hit during all of this as well, and a part of me wants to never take comms or customs after i clear my queue out again and only draw for myself, if that. But i know thats just the mental illnesses speakin baby wont let those bastards win I'm going to continue to work on my queue and try and finally completely clear it out just so i wont have that huge cloud of guilt hanging over me every time i sit at my computer to do something. And then after that i probably wont take any comms for a year or so just to focus on improving my art without having to worry about other folks. If I owe you anything and you'd like to either rework the prompt or just get a full refund (for trades we can work something out in dms), dm me here or on discord [STASIS#1294]! I'll process full refunds regardless of how long its been, even if i've already started. At this point i'd like to clear out my queue even if it means taking a hit, so i dont mind working out something different! If you dont care about all of that and want me to just continue on with the original prompt, that's cool too! I'd greatly appreciate if you could give me a little poke as to what you're still waiting on: i have most of my stuff in trello but my memory has been really bad lately so i dont want to miss anything TLDR; In the next few months i may purge my da to start fresh. If i owe you anything and you want a refund, dm me! If you dont want a refund and i owe you something, please shoot me over a note just refreshing me as to what i still owe for you!
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So sorry for the radio silence lately... got hit with the artblock + 6 day work week double whammy
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i want you so bad stream helter spider by crazy:b

aba ba . ga baba da ba

babies when they see applesauce behavior

Hello how are you? Hope you are well :DMy name is Kaksumi and my profile is focused on selling adoptable designs. If you are interested, I invite you to take a look at my profile, maybe you will like some. I leave below the link with the folder of all my adoptables currently available:

I have several adoptables available with different styles and values.

I leave here my hug and have a great day!!!

Adopt - Girl #36 (OPEN)

Thank you for the favorite! : D <3 I like the colors and line quality in your designs! : ) <3

ASHFJDSLAHFSA Thank you so much for watchin me ;v; I thought I was already watching you but I fixed that >:)