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Chowder Grows Up...

Yep, Chowder ends today. The last show airs tonight and it's called "Chowder Grows Up". I wonder what's going to happen. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Bye Chowder! :(
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I personally think it's unfair that Chowder which is one of the best cartoons on cartoon network for a while gets cancelled after only 3 seasons while crappy cartoons like Family guy and Ben 10 are allowed to keeep going.
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I was sad when Chowder ended to but at least they gave the show a good ending.
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Well, hey, look at this way. It had three seasons, including a Christmas and Halloween special and it ended with a good half-hour special. That and it was a well-written and thus well-liked show. So it had a good run.
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Feel like doing what Ceviche did on my profile.
also....would it make me childish if
i have all the episodes of chowder on my PS3?....................cuz i do
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Nah, it's not childish. I don't think anyone is too old to watch cartoons.
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Yeah, that is certainly a LOT of babies. o_o Chowder even thought it was ridiculous even though he was married to Panini.
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:raincloud: I know. It's tragic. Poor Chowder. I loved you so.
Man, I had no idea until today. Final episode starts in a half our for me. I barely knew ye...
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