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I afriend of mine named Violet is trying to move up this way to get a start on building her life, if you all could donate to her cause it'd be just lovely. If not please spread the word.
Thanks for reading,
Mellie See link for details
Hello, I know I seldom write journals and I'm sure they are seldom read when I do. However I wanted to let those who care know that my cousin Kelly passed away yesterday morning from complications due to Luekemia. She was 26 years old and left behind a little boy who's not even two yet. She was a pretty, smart, caring girl who loved animals, especially her childhood pet Oreo. She battled the disease through her pregnancy and risked her own life to bring her baby into the world. She wanted so much to be a mother and yet only was able to enjoy it between bouts of sickness and hospital visits. Now she can watch her little boy grow up, loved so very much by the family that misses her. I'd like to ask that if anyone would like to donate to her funeral or a trust being set up for her son that they please contact me and I'll direct them to my aunt.
Hey I'm up for drawing for money... got anything ya want done note me and we can talk about price.
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... seriously I thought the name was original... what happened where did all these Zarianna come from :(
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Ok so normally I don't pay alot of attention to the stuff DA sends my message box. However this one caught my eye. I don't know how many of you pay attention to those things so I thought I'd post something here for the few that happen to check up on my goofy self ^_^.

A huge thanks to those who do by the way!

Anywho here's what I thought you all might like to know about.

A DA memeber does a walk for Breast Cancer Research and such.

Donations are the most important thing you can do here, so to sponsor $Moonbeam13 directly go to this link and follow the simple instructions there! Make sure to leave your deviantART name so she knows who to thank, unless you prefer to remain anonymous of course.

Alternately you can donate direct to the organization.

Now I'm a doofus and can't make links but if you go to $Moonbeam13 's   page then I'm sure you'll find a way to donate to this worthy cause.
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Ok so I'm on the next chapter of the art schools lessons and .. I'm scared. This is officially out of my artistic comfort zone. INK.. no eraser here Mellie.. correction fluid and masks is all ya get.. Gods I'm in trouble here.

Wish me luck please!

Much Love to any who read this and care.

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  • Reading: The Tower Series
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I'm rocking a B average so far!!! *dances*
ok first and maybe only journal entry for the Mellie.. I'm not sure if anyone will even get an update on this or care but I've been accepted to a corrispondance art school so hey my art might actually start to improve!.. wall anyway wish me luck

Peace ^_^