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STRAW WARS ~ The Worst Salvation Issue
A long-brown-haired teenage girl in a purple T-shirt and faded blue jeans sat in a cross-legged hunch on a stripped mattress. Eyes hazed over, forearms resting on her thighs, she stared intently into her lap. Equally quiet, the Salvation Army men and women strode in and out of the open doorway, continuing to remove stacks of boxes until there was nothing left aside from pieces of a disassembled blue frame and the outlets on the wall.
“Well, that’s the last of it,” proclaimed a fuller-figured woman with wispy short white hair. Approaching the mattress, adding “And, well, I was loading one of the boxes onto the truck…” clutching a black leather-bound book to her chest “I noticed this and thought you might wanna keep it,” holding it out to the girl. “So sorry for your loss.”
The girl smiled, more tangibly polite than happy, taking it in both hands like a sacred offering. As the older woman left, she stared down at its title in mi
:iconchouhatsu-itsudatsu:Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu 0 0
Minimalist Fella 18th by Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu Minimalist Fella 18th :iconchouhatsu-itsudatsu:Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu 0 1 Peace On Earth Was All It Said (Colored) by Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu Peace On Earth Was All It Said (Colored) :iconchouhatsu-itsudatsu:Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu 4 2 Peace On Earth Was All It Said by Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu Peace On Earth Was All It Said :iconchouhatsu-itsudatsu:Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu 2 2 A Duel for the Internet Ages (Colored) by Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu A Duel for the Internet Ages (Colored) :iconchouhatsu-itsudatsu:Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu 5 0 A Duel for the Internet Ages by Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu A Duel for the Internet Ages :iconchouhatsu-itsudatsu:Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu 2 0 #NOTMYBUTCHHARTMAN (Colored) by Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu #NOTMYBUTCHHARTMAN (Colored) :iconchouhatsu-itsudatsu:Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu 7 0 #NOTMYBUTCHHARTMAN by Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu #NOTMYBUTCHHARTMAN :iconchouhatsu-itsudatsu:Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu 1 0 Long Live the Queen (Colored) by Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu Long Live the Queen (Colored) :iconchouhatsu-itsudatsu:Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu 0 6 Long Live the Queen by Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu Long Live the Queen :iconchouhatsu-itsudatsu:Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu 2 0
Breaker, Breaker! When Cybugs Attack II
“The gamers say we’re ‘retro’ — which…I think means ‘old, but cool’…”
A scraping engine roar rang out in the light teal sky over Sugar Rush’s candy landscape — though it wasn’t an airborne kart or a stray ship from Hero’s Duty. With a sky blue fuselage and rainbow decals, not the least of which was a white cloud and multihued lightning bolt stamped between the tailfins, it looked like a strange hybrid, indeed. And one a little flatter than its surroundings, though no less shiny.
In the pilot’s seat sat a small girl identical to the rags-to-riches Princess-turned-President Vanellope, from hair-tie to boots. Eyes darting behind her pink-rimmed goggles, she leaned to one side, peering out the cockpit’s glass.
“Whoa, this looks like Sugar Rush for real!” she mused, “Maybe he’s here? Gotta be…I saw him come this way! Either way, I gotta find him and FAST or we
:iconchouhatsu-itsudatsu:Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu 3 3
And When the Sword Breaks... (Colored) by Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu And When the Sword Breaks... (Colored) :iconchouhatsu-itsudatsu:Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu 3 0 And When the Sword Breaks, Your Body Will Fall by Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu And When the Sword Breaks, Your Body Will Fall :iconchouhatsu-itsudatsu:Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu 2 0 Consuls Fact + Faith (Colored) by Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu Consuls Fact + Faith (Colored) :iconchouhatsu-itsudatsu:Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu 2 0 Consuls Fact + Faith by Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu Consuls Fact + Faith :iconchouhatsu-itsudatsu:Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu 1 0 Danny-tagnan  The Three Impossi-teers (Colored) by Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu Danny-tagnan The Three Impossi-teers (Colored) :iconchouhatsu-itsudatsu:Chouhatsu-Itsudatsu 4 2

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by kalan6

You have an enormous talent for realistic art! Of the pictures in your gallery, this one stuck out to me the most. I'm not sure whether...

This is much, much better! :la: :heart: It just feels much more engaging. Just the little things like 'Bloot opened the briefcase with a click' ...


Gift | RitaCastle by Uriirhay
Gift | RitaCastle by Uriihay


Which Youtube reviewer duo do you prefer? 

2 deviants said Eddy & Gus
2 deviants said Others? (Please comment and name!)
No deviants said The Dom & Calluna


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(Borrowed from this article.)

The 'Toon Danny Phantom Saga (TDPS) universe is a parallel offshoot of the canonical movie-'verse of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Thus, most 'toons are actors in their shows and movies. And like human actors, while sometimes they share given names with their characters or are straight up doing an 'as him/herself' role/cameo, quite a few 'toons have (sur)real names outside of their onscreen personalities.

While the scale of 'loyally true story/person-based to Hollywood by the numbers' varies for several reasons in the field of human entertainment, human relatability is the name of the game when it comes to cartoons. In many instances, 'toons (e.g. Danny Fenton) may be born with powers. Aside from a few feats of strength, humans cannot be born with outright magical or superhero-style powers. Thus, any power-havers are usually given comic bookish power-acquiring backstories that while still not very likely are at least somewhat more plausible. This also goes for family dynamic — and the way it can appear skewed in regards to apparent age with the nature of 'toon growth. So some moms and dads become daughters and sons and vice-versa. Though this is a slightly rarer occurence. Lastly, simply in the interest of being, well, more interesting. Or less weird.


挑発逸脱 ちょうはついつだつ
United States
Fellow phans may call me Maba~! :D

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10/6 EDIT: OK now -3 WEEKS REMAIN-
Hey, devART! Can your next site upgrade finally include a 'Just Fave Entire Gallery' button? Because some people's pages are just that amazing and every piece of art and/or photos are so amazing and it's a bit tedious to go through and fave individually. :XD:
It's official. I can't write anymore. I have lost it. I have lost the talent but worse the will... I can't keep anything going anymore. It's just painful. 

Crying broken heart  
:wow: :la: :love: HOMG THIS GUY Hector by MI-paper Hector 2 by MI-paper Hector thumbs up by MI-paper:iconlemmeglompyou2plz::iconlv2plz: :happybounce: :squee: :iconeeeeeplz:
So, much like with the Onceler once before, I'd seen this movie and DIS GUY before, but the obession just took a while to kick in. BUT YEAH ¡NEW FAVORITE THING EVAR! ...and finally got around to watching the whole damn movie. OF COURSE I CRIED. :cries: :happycry: :heart:


Now just have to figure out which set of Hogwarts Escher stairs I gotta take to properly port him to my fic-'verse. :thinking: by dutchie17 :thinking: by Smidy


Transformative works policy: Blanket permission to create transformative works.

I grant blanket permission for the works here to be used transformatively, interpreted broadly: remixed, sequeled, translated (although I'd really like to be notified about this), podficced, fic'd, filked, artified, vidded (is that even possible?) or otherwise used as a base for other fannish works, as long as no money is involved If there's money, contact me. I'm not going to fret over podfic-for-charity or fanart being sold, if any of my works managed to inspire that; I'd mostly just like to know. Please credit me for my work and link back to the original source. Please don't repost my fics . Cheers.


American English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
French lang 1 by Faeth-design
JP Language Level stamp3 by Faeth-design
(Beginner) Sign Language Level Stamp by imakocoa/ American Sign Language level BEGINNER by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
Stamp: German Language Beginner by MafiaVamp
Spanish lang2 by Faeth-design/ Mexican Spanish Language Level: Beginner by LoveRunsRed
Dovahzul language level FUS RO DAH by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
Stamp: Elvish Language Beginner by Alpanu
Irish language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
Welsh language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
Chinese language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
Korean language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
Macedonian language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
Na'vi language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy
I speak your language with Google translator by Varjokani Yes I use google translate... by StarFlucks Google Tradutor - Google Translate by ShonemZone
(NOTE: I am well aware of Google Translate's non-existent grasp of grammar, colloquialisms, time period and region-sensitive word prevalence/usage, and otherwise general language context ― but just like my faving, I don't use it BLINDLY. For those languages I do speak best, I can usually pick through and rearrange a sentence to be more proper. Even when I'm just using it for in-story 'placeholder/close enough' dialogue. On that note, I usually cross-reference words and phrases with, Yahoo Answers (surprisingly accurate in some threads, especially if/when self-identifying natives post), the WordReference forums, and any other staple sites I can dig up (e.g., and/or Dict.tu-chemnitz, and of course any blogs run by native speakers ). I may still get some things wrong but I do try to do the work and be as respectfully accurate to whatever language I'm using as possible. Plus, as you can see, I am also always interested in trying to really learn the languages themselves so I don't have to take all day trying to make absolutely sure I'm doing it right. Some have said that "if you don't speak the language, then you shouldn't use it" ― but just like story topics, themes, and messages, I think you shouldn't limit yourself to the few things you might already be familiar with. You should do research and better educate yourself, in language and just about everything else in the world, e.g. sports, history, art, sociology, physics and so forth, so that you can have a bigger pool and more options as far as fanfic or original fic. Nobody said it was easy, but it can be done.)



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