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put some cool leather belts on your dudes and guys it looks really good and is a cool accessory
Hey :) I'm running a Facebook group and page. 

May I please have your consent to post your fan arts on my Facebook group and page? 
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I recognize these positions XD Love it! Also, Love Colton Haynes and those hot photos <33
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I have between starting at this for I don't even know how long; I am completely hypnotized by the way the light just melts down their bodies. Just--aaaahhhhhhhhh!
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 I love this!
 Hot%Sweet, Draco and Harry!
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love the passion between them <3 
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Very cute and attractive with it, great piece of work.
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ya know, harry looks like my brother in real from the back... still love this pic tho <3
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Omg... I think I am gonna faint...S2
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Hellooooooooo abs and amazing back. And hipbones. UNF.
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LOVE <333 ;__;
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This just gave me a nosebleed. Thank you :)
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Really good work..=)
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Oh. My. Goodness.

This is amazing!

Are they on a floor? It looks like woodgrain in the background.

I love the play of the light across their bodies, and how it picks out their hair. I think its perfect that they're not a pair of muscle-rippled Adonis! Their physical bodies look correctly proportioned and realistic.

Beautiful image.
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thank you very much!
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афигенно!! рисовка с нуля?)
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нет, с рефом )
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