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healer Malfoy

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Hello sexy doctor *_* *cough* Oh, i'm sick...
Really good idea, it's awesome !
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Nice work, awesome skill. May be Draco here is too young?..
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TheWildWestPyroStudent Writer
This...should happen.
However, although Draco would be a successful Healer, and a considerably nicer person, he'd still be incredibly arrogant:
(Excerpt from my headcanon thoughts)
"And have you, er, ever failed, Draco?"
Draco stopped walking abruptly and wheeled around in the middle of the hospital to face Harry.
"I have NEVER failed to heal someone, Potter. Whether it be a simple hex to the Cruciatius curse, I can always find some way to fix it."
Harry later regretted asking him that question, because Draco did not talk for the rest of the journey.
And then Draco slips up when trying to heal Harry after a recent clash with escaped prisoners (accidentally burst Harry's stomach open) he gets sent to a newly built asylum where the Ministry dumps their most dangerous things. Soon, Draco finds something horrible inside the asylum and sends Potter and co to investigate.
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Harry Potter ends, House MD starts.
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JDLuvaSQEEHobbyist General Artist
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This is awesome! I am stealing XD if you do not mind.
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Oh, my... *drools over keyboard*
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I've never thought about Draco being a healer but the moment I looked at this you immediately convinced me! :)
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Morloth88 Digital Artist
:drool: :love: :faint:
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AWESOME! I'd definitely need treatment if I saw Malfoy like that - case of constant fainting+swooning, please help me, Doctor! :D
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ZorocanProfessional Traditional Artist
you know, in the beginning I was skeptical about draco being a healer....but the moment i looked at this, i immediately stopped what i was doing was like "oh shit..."
this is a damn good picture, fantastic job :)

there's just something about his face and his expression that just captures my attention
it's like he's softened after the war, tired of all the things that the malfoy name stood for and decided to just break away into a life of healing and peace. there is a vulnerability in his expression like he's still scared of his past event though has progressed so far...

srry that was oddly profound
but yea, bottom line, great job!!!
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thank you very much! x)))
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This is amazing, great job!!!
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Coroner would seem more appropriate to me / jmho.
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KsetProfessional Interface Designer
Ради таких обоин на рабочий стол я бы наверное убила. Невероятно сексуально все сделаны!
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so amazing
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So I love this idea, like...after all the pain and suffering that Draco sees due to the hunt for power, he decides to go into healing. Or at least, that's what I get from it.
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Acho que vou ficar doente só para ser curada pelo Draco <3
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awesome! how did u make this?
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Well, now I have this massive nosebleed, so I believe I'll need to be seeing a healer.... ;)
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LilDarkHeartHobbyist General Artist
Yuuuummmmy <3
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Can someone do me a favor and break my arm or something? :drool:
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