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Jelly Couture

I was too inspired to sleep last night... Haha not upset about it though! Was inspired by my old "Jelly" drawing, For some reason I really like mermaids with Jellyfish church-hats. I hope you do too!


Scale stock by :iconquaddles: :

Paper texture by :iconhibbary:
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wow gorgeous work i love it
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This is absolutely beautiful!
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your amazing work was featured in my journal! :dance: [several times lol]
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Thank you so much! I haven't been very active in the past year, with business and what not, but it really does mean a lot to me!
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I love the tone, the dark colors and the composition of the piece
awesome work
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THanks I'm glad you like it!
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you are most welcome dahling :)
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It remind me a advertising from Mucha to JOb cigarettes =D
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Yes it does look quite reminiscent of it!
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Mm... I dont'like jellyfish.. I'm always afraid of its tentacles... but.... this picture is great!!! I like it so much.. maybe the next time I'll see a jellyfish in water I'll think about this picture...=)
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Thank you very much! I hope you do think about it! I myself am fearful of them. I think they are beautiful but I aint into peeing on my leg if it stings me!
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outta curiosity to you prefer to use the pen tool or just work really large and scale down for the smooth linework
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i use the pen tool for the borders and areas that I think require a very smooth line. I do not use the pentool for the hair, but the technique I use gives a similar effect. I worked at 24x36 inches at 300 dpi for this one and it looks just as smooth big ^-^. How you doin by the way!?
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Ahhhh very nice! and i'm doing well! back in my hometown for the majority of the summer to work work wooork so i'm keeping myself quite busy! How are you? What are you up to for your summer?
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That's good, I'm back in mine too, oakville was a drag... haha I'm taking the summer to use all that I learned in fundies, and put it to good use! Other things too, like finish learning french :)
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Oakville is pretty awful, it's so spread out, nothing to do. That's sweet though, bet it feels good to get fundies out of the way eh?
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Haha it's not... terrible. But you are right unless you have friends, nothing to do. I am so thankful for the go station though! And yes I am ecstatic that fundies has finished!
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Yeah, I just felt fundies wasn't really challenging, it was more arts and crafts. It was awesome for spare time for sure, played a lot of xbox during that program lol, but really once we're all back we must say hello at some point!
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We really must! I played me some xbox too last year! XD
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