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The Night

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[Community] What means dA for you ?

HI all , :party: In my Birthday Giveaway i asked you to tell me : ''What means devianART for you?" Thank you so much to all who have participated in my Birthday Giveaway ! I read a looooooot of comments , and here I put toghether all of them: I think this is an excellent website, where you can share awesome art, find awesome artists, read amazing literature, and make new friends! by Photo-Finish2016 ( Honestly, deviantArt's amazing. I've made many friends here, and I really am glad I joined this community when I did. DeviantART means the world to me. by gxve-hxart ( Deviantart is is a wonderful website that bring joy to all,

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700 Point and more - Raffle! [C L O S E D]

EDIT: Winners, in a row of te 2st, 2nd and 3rd places: ---------- * Note: If more than 23 people enter, I will add the winners featured for 6 months. Contestants: #45. ***** UPDATE: *****The winners will be featured for 6 months in my profile They will receive: 6 months with (3) , (4)  and (6) . *23/06/16: Leave a comment here of your journal and such, or I won't see if you entered. * If you're wondering what's that Yes Enter thing from, Yuki (Girl in my avatar) sang that in her character song.

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