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Stop In for a Bite!

See you soon, kids!
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They seem alot friendlier looking in your art style. Nice designs of them.

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Absolutely awesome! I love the way the colours work :3

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To be honest this is a perfect logo to put on Freddy Fazbear‘s pizza buildings. XD

really awesome work! keep it up!

lobaapexlegendsmain's avatar

The fox I shall hug. The bunny I'll talk to. The chicken I'll slap. The bear I shall beat to death and then finish the deal with a Hush Puppy.

xXbugsbunny747Xx's avatar
Can i hugs bonnie bunny he is chubby and soft
lobaapexlegendsmain's avatar

I would yeet the pizza at anyone not looking, I hate the pizza they make here...

lobaapexlegendsmain's avatar

Ngl, I would actually come in, and take a look which victims to take.....

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I'm gonna give you permission to draw this in your style! :D

Chica and Susie Hugging! (Coming Home)
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Is this your art? You did a nice job!

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this looks like it could be the actual logo or advert in-universe, great art!

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It looks cute and legit 😋

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I like how this is looking.
ultimeatFNaFfan's avatar

This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!

TheMercenary04's avatar

that looks pretty good, great artwork

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This is awesome!
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