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Gotcha  By Singingseashelle-da0q1gu by ChoralSeashelle
akkohno by ChoralSeashelle
Hoooo almighty gods
Atomicyowch by ChoralSeashelle

The part that will never cease to confound me is that I actually gained hundreds of watchers because of these little bastards XD
That freaking SunLight shit with the freaking MS Paint freaking shit XD that thing was so fucking popular, I don't even know how to explain XD
Look at their fucking noses XD 
every fucking nose in this lineup, actually XD what the hell XD
The lineart gives me anxiety XD 
And what's up with Akko's demon eyes?? And is she riding a broken fucking broom???

Let the shit that came before remind us that we're all on journey and we never stop learning and improving on what we've done in the past. Thank God experience breeds understanding and wisdom, and also sometimes your mom is amazing and buys you Photoshop because she knows you can do better :D 

If you're not happy with where you are artistically, remember that the journey only continues with every passing day. You're not at the end of your path, and there's a whole wide world of new techniques and discoveries awaiting you as you move forward. Don't sell yourself short or become complacent because you think you can't do any better: you can! I'm still not happy with everything I do, so I keep trying new things and, hopefully, improving a little bit every single day :) 
Hey guys

Do you love animals? Want to keep them as pets?

Please, spay/neuter them as soon as possible. 

And, until you do, take care of them. Keep them safe. Don't let them roam free. Not only are you bolstering overpopulation problems, but you're risking their lives because an unfixed animal is going to wander. That's what they do. Even if you've created a safe space for them at home, they're going to stray, and the world is a dangerous place.

Just please, keep unfixed cats and dogs indoors. Remember that fences don't work for every animal (they mean literally nothing to cats). I'm not a professional so do some research, there are many more protective measures you can take to keep your furry friends safe. Me, I'm just keeping all my cats indoors until I can get them spayed, same for my Golden Retriever. 

Pets are a privilege, but they're also a huge responsibility. They need us to protect them. They rely on us to feed them, keep them warm, and get them proper care when they're sick. Please go the distance for your pet, and have them spayed or neutered as soon as you can. 

Thank you, this has been Shelle, your Friendly Neighborhood Animal Avenger. 
Thanks to everyone who voted on my recent polls, I now have a theme for my 1K Watchers Celebratory Art/Writing Contest! 
EDIT: Deadline extended to Oct. 1st :)

Presenting, "My Strange Ship"! 
I love unusual/unexpected pairings, the more off-the-wall the better! Some of my personal favorite weird ships are Zecora X Granny Smith (I got a lot of laughs when I brought this up at my shipping panel at EFNW this year XD), Deadpool X Dopinder (this one strikes me as so sweet, I don't know why more people aren't trash for them!), Diego X Buck (yes, from Ice Age, deal with it :3), Bigwig X Hannah (from the Watership Down animated series! Big bunny and lil' mouse, my heartttt), Donald Duck X Mrs. Beakley (I don't even know how to start explaining this one, it's just kind of there XD), and OF COURSE *drumroll* Gilda X Bulk Biceps! :)

dorks by ChoralSeashelle

This contest requires you to ask yourself: What are some of the strangest ships I know... and love?


Pick an unusual, unpopular, or just generally strange ship from your fleet of OTP's, and either draw them or write a short story about them!

Your chosen ship can be from any fandom (MLP, RWBY, Avatar, Disney, Dreamworks, Marvel, DC, anime, games, etc.)

Digital and traditional art allowed (remember that if you're doing traditional, the quality of your scan WILL affect your score!)

OT3's/poly ships are allowed too!

Canon characters only

No NSFW/bestiality/adultXminor ships

Title your entry: "MyStrangeShip: [ShipName]" 

Please upload to your Gallery, not

Tag me in your description @//ChoralSeashelle (without the slashes) and post a link in the comments on this journal

Be kind to all participants and please be a good sport!


Your work must include AT LEAST 2 characters, in a romantic sense

I will be judging the entries based on a few elements, including grammar in regards to fiction entries. While I may not be known for my fiction, I am a writer in my spare time with a fair amount of study under my belt.

You will be judged on
Overall execution
Impact of the art/writing
(Writing only) Grammar
Ability to follow the rules!


1st Place ~

1 fullbody painting (1 character) 
Ex.  [YCH] Erica by ChoralSeashelle

2nd Place ~ 

2 fullbody simple sketches
Ex.  [R/C] Gaia Eastwood by ChoralSeashelle Fall of the Alicorns sketchdump1 by ChoralSeashelle


October 1st 2018

Oh! And one quick note. This contest must receive at least 5 entries in order to work, if I don't get at least that many by the deadline I'll have to either postpone the contest or cancel it, depending on the interest level. 

Feel free to share this journal and spread the word!

Best of luck to you all! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! :)

  • Reading: My fanfics
  • Watching: The Proposal


1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
 3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creator’s names


Shelleverse NextGen
[C/E] Snow Play by ChoralSeashelle

requested by :iconashyfur524: :)

Heart Babar is the second son of Princess Pinkie Pie and Prince Rutherford, the monarchs of Yakyakistan! His older sister, Yule, is the heir. Babar is very glad he has an older sister, as he has never had any desire to rule anything, he likes the civilian life.

Heart In his adulthood, he has moved to Ponyville and taken up permanent residence there. He is currently the second-largest (after Discord) denizen of Ponyville, and makes his living by basically doing heavy-lifting jobs that cannot be better accomplished by magic, often helping on construction sites and with movers. He is very busy during the winter; he is basically a living snowmobile. His time is split in the cold months between clearing snow from the roads and carrying ponies safely across the heavier snowdrifts.

Heart He's the best friend you could possibly have. He is kind, loyal, and fun-loving, and always ready with a word of encouragement for anyone in need.

Heart Unfortunately, he can also be a bit of a doormat. He doesn't see it that way; he is simply too chill to notice or care when somepony starts taking advantage of his open-handedness or walking all over him.

Heart Fortunately, his good friend Chatterbox (daughter of Rainbow Dash and Lemony Harshwhinny) calls things like they are, and does her best to advise or, when needed, stand up for Babar. Babar is unaware of just how many times Chatter has spared him an awkward confrontation. 

Heart Speaking of Chatter, both she and Babar are massive Daring Do fans and are the joint presidents of the Ponyville wing of the Daring Do LARP Club. Babar loves acting as the villainous monsters faced by Daring, especially Ahuizotl!

Heart He visits his family in Yakyakistan several times a year, often bringing Chatterbox and sometimes a few more friends for holiday celebrations and other fun. He loves snow sports, especially sledding.

Heart He has a pet canary named Yaholo whom he loves with every fiber of his hair (that's a LOT of fibers).heart attack 


1. Post these rules
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
 3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creator’s names


"Fall of the Alicorns"
Runic Scrawl by ChoralSeashelle
Requested by :iconcuriouskeys: and :iconbubaiuv: Thanks, dahlings ^_^

Pink Flower Runic was an only child, born to a peasant family of Earth ponies. She has very few memories of her parents, who were killed when their village caught fire when Runic was just a few weeks old. The foal was, luckily, rescued by Queen Cirrus, who had come to help the villagers escape the fire as it engulfed their huts. She lived in an orphanage until her early teens, when she was brought to palace by the queen herself to work as a scullery maid. Runic made lots of friends among the staff and worked her way up at the palace over the next few years, ultimately putting her book-learning to good use as the Royal Scribe.

Flower Bullet (Light Pink) - F2U! Her best friend at the palace is Captain Hearth Glow, with whom she found herself accidentally bonding over scholarly/nerdy stuff, often bumping into him in the library when they were both off-duty. They've become inseparable, rely on each other as confidantes and have really become their own tiny support network. (It should be noted that there is nothing like romance between them, never was-- it would be kind of useless since Hearth is very much gay-- they're just the very best of friends!)

Flower Bullet (Lilac) - F2U! Speaking of Runic's nerdy tendencies, she's very interested in history, specifically Natural History, biology, and horticulture. She's intrigued by the concept of Alicorns, a race stemming from a genealogical mutation in unicorns, their spread across the land, and the centuries-long journey of the Alicorn to becoming the embodiment of the highest monarchy in the present day. Runic is also very well-versed in the medicinal value of plants, and could probably save your life using only a few unassuming flowers.

Flower Bullet (Purple) - F2U! Runic has a complicated, tenuous relationship with her mistress, Princess Lantern. She serves her only out of a sense of duty and honor to the queen, Lantern's mother, whom Runic admires more than any other pony. To say she and Lantern don't see eye-to-eye would be the understatement of the century! Where Runic is quiet, thoughtful, rational, and studious, Lantern is brash, impulsive, hot-tempered, and action-driven. As if the stress of simply keeping an eye on her weren't enough for Runic, she also finds herself in the unique position of having to endure the princess' angry retorts, criticism, and general lack of concern for other ponies' feelings, on a very up-close-and-personal level.

Flower Bullet (Orange) - F2U! Runic sings old Earth pony folksongs while she's working, very quietly. She thinks no one can hear her, but she's wrong :3 The songs are a mix of things she learned from other foals at the orphanage and bits and pieces of ditties her father used to sing to her. His songs are among the only memories she retains of him.

Flower Bullet (Blue) - F2U! She's bisexual but not interested in any romantic relationships. Who has time for such things? Just because she has recurring, deeply frustrating sex-dreams about Lantern, a pony she doesn't even like, that's no indication that she's pining away in her bitter soul for that kind of physical intimacy with anypony. Not at all. 

Flower Bullet (Red) - F2U! She wears a monocle specially crafted for her by a friend of Hearth's. She has to wear it because her right eye was damaged in the fire that destroyed her village, leaving her severely nearsighted in that eye. The lens helps on its own, but Runic is convinced that Hearth had Cirrus put some kind of enchantment on the monocle, endowing it with power above and beyond ordinary corrective lenses; she feels her sight is better now than it logically should be, even without her injury.

Flower Bullet (Green) - F2U! She's not an easy pony to get to know. She won't even talk to you unless something about your first impression strikes her as particularly interesting. Other staff tend to think of her as stuck-up because of this, and envy her a bit due to her history with the queen and "closeness" with the princess. She really is not stuck-up, she just knows when talking becomes little more than white noise, and she can't abide white noise.

I've been wanting to make a definitive compilation of OC headcanon voices... it took a few drafts to pinpoint the perfect actors, but I think I'm there now ^_^ 
The hope is that knowing the voices I imagine for my OC's will give you (and me) a closer look at what kind of characters they are.

I'll openly admit the details given by shortcake1284 regarding their design of King Stratus heavily influenced my choice of his voice actor :D

For this I included some beautiful artwork I've commissioned over the past year or so, just click on the artwork to view the artist :)

Feel free to do this with your characters, if you want! I'd love to see! :)


Emma Watson (start at 1:42)


In A Jiffy Dear by bubblerai
Ryan Reynolds


Dante Basco


Rosario Dawson (start at 3:42 :D )


' Sunny Day ' by Majo-Shoujo
Jenny Slate


Liam Neeson (start at 0:54 :D )


Gal Gadot (start at 2:45 :D )


Nick Nolte (start at 3:47 :D )

Had to close the extra slots for now, sorry about that! What with my technical difficulties lately and going out of town for the weekend, I figured I should keep things simple until further notice. Thank you for your patience!

1. :iconclaire-cooper: [PAID // DONE]
2. :iconcrystal-wishes:
3. candicindi (tumblr)
4. :iconclaire-cooper:
5. :iconmssongbird93: (trad sketch) [PAID // DONE]
6. :iconalkonium: [PAID // DONE]
7. :iconyalbach: [PAID // DONE]
8. :iconland24: [PAID // DONE]
9. :iconzaneko8: [PAID // DONE]
10. :iconzaneko8: [PAID // DONE]
11. :iconzaneko8: [PAID // DONE]


Fall of the Alicorns sketchdump1 by ChoralSeashelle
Coco jambo by ChoralSeashelle

Bust ~ $5.00/500Points 
Fullbody ~ $8.00/800Points 

Add a character ~ + base price
Add shading ~ + $1.00/100Points 


You Beautiful Idiot! by ChoralSeashelle
Spider Love by ChoralSeashelle

Bust ~ $10.00/1000Points 
Fullbody ~ $15.00/1500Points 

Add a character ~ + $5.00/500Points 


[C/E] Snow Play by ChoralSeashelle

Eep and Guy by ChoralSeashelle
[YCH] Erica by ChoralSeashelle

Bust ~ $25.00/2500Points 
Fullbody ~ $40.00/4000Points 

Add a character ~ + $10.00/1000Points 


 Deadpool by ChoralSeashelle
Rapunzel by ChoralSeashelle

Bust ~ $80.00/8,000Points 

Fullbody ~ $200.00/20,000Points 

Add a character ~ + $40.00/4,000Points 


Captain America 4th of July by ChoralSeashelle

deadpinder chibis by ChoralSeashelle

Bust/sketch ~ $3.00/300Points 
Bust/color ~ $5.00/500Points 
Fullbody/sketch ~ $7.00/700Points 
Fullbody/color ~ $10.00/1000Points 

Add a character ~ +1/2 base price

Add a background (available for all styles): $5.00 - $50.00 depending on complexity. Ask me about it and we'll work something out! :)

Will draw:
Animals (including anthro)
Fantasy creatures
Every gender

Will not draw:
Complex machinery/armor/structures
Celebrities/public figures
Political content
Hateful content
Excessive amounts of gore/violence
Any violence against children
Sonic (I have nothing against it, I just can't draw it XD)


I will make various customs (including NextGens) gladly. Pricing is the same as everything above, just pick what style you'd like your custom drawn in (so yes, you can order headshot customs too). If you would like a full reference sheet, we can discuss details/pricing at that time. :) 

From tumblr, I always have fun with this little post so I thought, why not bring it on over to DA as well? :) 
Simply leave a comment with one or more characters, and I'll answer the following questions about them :D Just my personal opinions! 

You can ask as many times as you want ^_^

general opinion:
 fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life 
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality:
worst quality: 
ship them with: 
brotp them with: 
needs to stay away from:

misc. thoughts: 
Hey, that's a nice-lookin' bandwagon!
From :iconcascayd:

Oh! And if there are any ships not included here that you'd like to know my opinion about, just ask in the comments! :)



Rarity x Fancy Pants Stamp by Cascayd ~ Like ~ I just really appreciate Fancy Pants, he reminds me of Rarity a lot in that he fully embraces his love for the finer things in life, but isn't condescending or patronizing of others. Both of these pones come across as being down-to-earth without denying themselves their genuine interests. So together I imagine they would get along splendidly!

Discord x Sunburst Stamp by Cascayd ~ Neutral ~ Honestly, a lot of these will probably be neutral since I actually haven't had much exposure to them... all pretty rare ships at least on my side of the Internet :3 But this seems like a cute idea, I'll have to give it a bit more research, thought ^_^

Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich Stamp by Cascayd ~ Dislike ~ As a couple, anyway! I think they're both great characters and cute together, but I really see their potential as good buddies rather than lovers.

Lightning Dust x Thunderlane Stamp by Cascayd ~ Neutral ~ Meh. I don't care for Lightning Dust... honestly, it's not even her personality, but like I don't like looking at her? XD Her colors jar me and her hair is weird?? XD I know, shallow as hell XD but idk I just don't have much interest in her so I don't really think about ships for her. Thunderlane is a cutie patootie, and deserves better imo :3

Celestia x Chrysalis Stamp by Cascayd ~ Love ~ Tsundere Bug Babe and Big Sun Butt? Yes plz ^_^ I think Celestia could handle Chrys better than anyone; I think things would easily roll off her back, but she'd also know when and how to confront the bug and help her navigate her rough edges. And I think Chrys would help Celestia loosen up and learn how to look after herself better-- it's my belief that Celestia is a little *too* self-sacrificing and doesn't take enough "me time"; and I think Chrys could teach her those skills :3

Applejack x Troubleshoes Stamp by Cascayd ~ Neutral ~ Kinda cute, not really on my radar though :3

Applejack x Coloratura Stamp by Cascayd ~ Love ~ Probably my top alternate AJ ship (maybe tied with AppleShy). I 100% believe there were a few puppy-love sparks between these two at camp, and I could see something rekindling when they reunite... not sure if it would last but I definitely think they'll be great friends, lovers or no, for the rest of their lives ^_^

Applejack x Prince Blueblood Stamp by Cascayd ~ Dislike ~ No, I don't just hate on Blueblood ships; I actually really love Blueblood (his comic with Shining Armor won me over, also ship itttt). This, though, I just don't see why/how XD

Pinkie Pie x Luna Stamp by Cascayd ~ Neutral ~ It's cute, I guess, never seen a lot of content for it and it doesn't really excite me, but cute.

Marble Pie x Cheerilee Stamp by Cascayd ~ Like ~ I've never seen or thought of this one before, but something in it feels a little twinkly in my heart?? ^_^

Twilight Sparkle x Tempest Shadow Stamp by Cascayd ~ Love ~ I shipped this before I even saw the movie, thanks to fan-art XD And, after seeing the movie, they've really grown on me. I've always had a thing for shipping Twilight with villains/rivals, Idk why it just appeals to me so much xD I was dead when Twilight's excitement over Tempest's fireworks made purple tsundere blush, so freakin' cute ^_^

Rainbow Dash x Soarin Stamp by Cascayd ~ Like ~ It's okay, I used to like them more, now I think they're kinda cute but I prefer them as friends.

Pinkie Pie x Party Favor Stamp by Cascayd ~ Like ~ Coot ^_^

Cadence x Shining Armor Stamp by Cascayd ~ Neutral/Dislike ~ Not a big fan, mostly wish both of these characters had more exposure in the series... I liked them better after Flurry was born, you see more of their dynamic and how they interact, but Idk they've just never knocked my socks off XD Partially because I have alternate ships for both of them that I like better XD 

Treehugger x Zecora Stamp by Cascayd ~ Like ~ Not one I'd given much consideration to in the past, but seems cute! 

Spitfire x Soarin Stamp by Cascayd ~ Neutral ~ *shrug*

Applejack x Zephyr Breeze Stamp by Cascayd ~ Dislike ~ I don't think I could see this ship even if you glued it to my face XD

Discord x Celestia Stamp by Cascayd ~ Love ~ Old ship, nice ship ^_^ 

Rainbow x Twilight Stamp by Cascayd ~ Like ~ These two were once my OTP but I kinda fell out of love with them for no reason XD I still think they're cute though, and the dynamic is a lot of fun to play with in art ^_^ 

Trixie x Starlight Stamp by Cascayd ~ OTP ~ BABES! It's so silly, because Trixie totally drives Starlight crazy and I think they would have endless problems as a couple, spending thousands of bits on marriage counselling, but at the same time I feel like they understand each other better than anypony else, and they can laugh together at themselves very easily; and they're just so doggone precious ^_^ 

Pinkie x Trouble Shoes Stamp by Cascayd ~ Neutral ~ Honestly still trying to find a good ship for Troubleshoes... I really like him but I can't really see him with any of the Mane 6 :3

Princess Luna x Tempest Shadow Stamp by Cascayd ~ Like ~ Nice one! 

Trixie x Maud Stamp by Cascayd ~ Love ~ I blame MustLoveFrogs for giving me feels for this ship... not that I'm complaining, it's adorable!

Zephyr Breeze x Limestone Pie Stamp by Cascayd ~ Like ~ Also not one I'm familiar with, but I can see the potential!

Luna x Thorax Stamp by Cascayd ~ Neutral/Dislike ~ Meh XD

Rainbow Dash x Zephyr Breeze Stamp by Cascayd ~ Love ~ To be fair, I didn't care for this deeply problematic ship until I saw Ashleigh and Ryan on a panel together at EFNW and their banter (both in-character and out) kinda killed me XD I don't know that I'd ever see them tying the knot or anything, but I'd be endlessly entertained to watch them deal with their drama together XD Does that make me awful? XD

Ember x Spike x Thorax Stamp by Cascayd ~ Like ~ It's fun, they'd be fun, once Spike is a little older I could see it. I like Spike X Ember and Spike X Thorax separately, so I don't see why they wouldn't be appealing altogether :) 


Zecora x Fluttershy Stamp by Cascayd ~ Like ~ Fluffy nature pones, yes!

Starlight x Flash x Trixie Stamp by Cascayd ~ Love??~ Not gonna lie, this seems kinda hot...

Zephyr Breeze x Prince Blueblood Stamp by Cascayd ~ Like ~ Also hot?? :3

Rarity x Capper Stamp by Cascayd ~ Like ~ Kinda cute, kinda strange... I like it ^_^

Discord x Trixie Stamp by Cascayd ~ Love ~ Problematic magicians who talk literal trash about each other and I live for it.

Fluttershy x Marble Pie Stamp by Cascayd ~ Like ~ Very soft... ^_^

Trixie x Prince Blueblood Stamp by Cascayd ~ Hate ~ I just really nope XD

Derpy x Dr. Whooves Stamp by Cascayd ~ OTP!!! ~ They make me weep, I love them <3

Starlight Glimmer x Sunburst Stamp by Cascayd ~ Dislike ~ They're buds, I don't ship it though. XD

Sugar Belle x Big Mac Stamp by Cascayd ~ Dislike ~ What ho, another canon ship Shelly can't enjoy, what a surprise XD

Moondancer x Donut Joe Stamp by Cascayd ~ Love ~ So nice!! 

TAGS: Mm idk go ahead and do this if you like!! It's fun! Thanks to Cascayd for making it!
Rate that Ship! [Blank]Yo. I have so many stamps with such a diverse group of pairings. Why not rate some of the ships? Inspired by :iconficklepickle9421:'s journal: 
This is a version for you to fill out yourself! Add your opinion of the ship and an explanation if you want! 
More stamps are located here:
Feel free to add or take away ships from the journal when you fill it out.
Also, be sure to tag me or put a link to your version below, so I can see your opinions!

Pinkie Pie x Luna Stamp by Cascayd

Woop, that's a wrap for these! If you are tagged below, you can send me refs/details in a note or comment (if you haven't already). I will confirm the price with you and then you can send the points before I start work! :) If you're not marked as "PAID" then I'm still waiting on the points, I will start work on your sketch as soon as they're in :)

1. :iconmssongbird93: PAID // sketch done.color pending
2. :iconextreamvolume771: DONE
3. :iconyoosimi: DONE
4. :icontekkaman18: DONE
5. :iconjetjetj: DONE
6. :iconking-coco: DONE
7. :iconclaire-cooper:

Thank you all so much!

Taking a handful of traditional sketch commissions to drum up some points :) PayPal is acceptable too! $1 = 100 points :D
Regular commissions are still closed; and these won't be available again for a while!

These are for fullbody sketches. Please specify if you'd prefer a bust!
Backgrounds not available for these.

I can draw ponies, people, animals, anthro/furry, really any type of character
I won't do fetish art or graphic NSFW content (suggestive/saucy is fine, as is mild gore/violence/grimdark)
pssst I like drawing pinups so do with that what you willlll :D
Tbh just ask me, I'll let you know if I can accept your commission :3
Please don't send points until I give you the go-ahead!

Thankssss :D

FLAT COLORS ~ 200Points

Additional characters ~ +100Points 

Luna and Moonstone (comm) by ChoralSeashelle

[C/C] Chira by ChoralSeashelle

Additional characters ~ + 200Points 
[C/C] Silver Oak by ChoralSeashelle

[C/C] Jasper and North by ChoralSeashelle

I think it's time I address the elephant in the room that probably no one but me has noticed or even cares about, and to which I'm probably giving way too much credit for being strange.
But what ho, might as well make note of it.
Why haven't I been drawing as many ponies lately?

The short answer is, I just don't have as many Pony-related ideas at the moment. Most of my ideas are centered on The Harmony Guild and I'm trying to let the comic progress naturally and, like, not spoil it before it's run something of a course. So there's that.

The other short answer is, I'm simply more interested in drawing other things right now. Part of that is because I'm not currently caught up on MLP, so I'm not as inundated with the show as before, hence not as flooded with inspiration. And the thing is, I have a lot of interests... my Gallery doesn't even reflect half of the fandoms I'm involved in, or my hobbies, or the things that make me happy, or the things I've been hoping to create! Needless to say, I've really been enjoying branching out from my usual content and drawing more Marvel, Disney, Dreamworks, etc... and it's really encouraged me to do more of that.

It really just feels great to be back at it with the things that have been important to me for years, long before MLP:FiM even existed, y'know? Hell, I used to draw so much Spider-Man... and so much Disney... Sometimes you don't realize how much you missed something until you re-enter it for the first time in a while.. ^_^

As for life in general, things are going okay; very busy, but okay. If I'm honest, I've been depressed; certainly not the worst I've ever been, but still. It does make the simple things difficult, and having some rather crippling bouts of anxiety on top of the depression really hasn't helped. 

You know what has helped? 
My friends ^_^ 
and drawing lots of Marvel ^_^
and watching great shows like New Girl, HTTYD:Race to the Edge, and Tangled ^_^
and holding my cats and my bunnies and my puppy ^_^

And my friends ^_^
Did I already say that? <3

In other news, I'm happy to say I got a part-time housecleaning job! Fortunately the hours are such that it shouldn't interfere with commission work at all.

Related, commissions are still closed, info Journal is under construction, and the waitlist for the next round is almost full! If you want to reserve a slot, let me know ASAP! I'll be accepting PayPal and Points this time around. Many old styles have been thrown out, as I don't want to do them anymore :3 but lots of new, prettier style options will be available to order :) 

Anywho, thanks for everything <3 I'm also coming up on 1K Watchers, which is very exciting! I want to do something cool to celebrate, I have no idea what though... would be open to suggestions if anybody has any! :D 

Love and hugs to all <3

Haven't done one of these in a while!

Stuff featuring my Shelly Avatar! Credit to :iconihasjessie-kat: and :iconsmdart10:
cries by ChoralSeashelle chibi commission for shele by SMDART10

Stuff featuring my ponysona Chiaroscuro/"Rosco"! Credit to :iconjohnjoseco: :iconqatsby: 

Chiaroscuro by johnjoseco + Commission + Chiaroscuro Chibi by qatsby

Some "Fall of the Alicorns" artwork! I love these characters to pieces and it's so fun to see others tackle them in art ^_^ Credit to :iconbubblerai: :icongaelledragons: :iconmirijane: :icontheanonymousclub: :iconbijutsuyoukai: :iconcastaspellliana: :iconbubaiuv:
In A Jiffy Dear by bubblerai [Commission] Surprise kiss (+SPEEDPAINT) by GaelleDragons[C] SingingSeaShelle by Mirijane COM: Sparring by BijutsuYoukai [Comm] Group hug by CastASpellLiana Art Trade with ChoralSeaShelle by BubaIuv

Art of some of the speakeasy queens from "The Rusty Bit"! More babes I love <3 Credit to :iconbubblerai: :iconmvtton: :iconkrazyezzy: :iconspottie-dots:
Chocolate floof by bubblerai434 by mvttonGolden Era {AT} by KrazyEzzyFlapper Girl by spottie-dots
That's all for now! Thank you everyone for being incredible <3 These make me so so happy!

Ayoo Shelly's just trying to keep up with the times that have left her behind for a long, long while XD 

What's your Twitter handle? I'd love to find some art frenz over there to follow! (Do they call it "following" on the Twitter? You'll have to bear with me bit, ya whippersnappers :3)

Want some sketches? Name your price :)

You can request 1-5 characters, background or no background, but the amount of time/detail I put into it will depend on your price :D

$3/300Points  minimum required for your commission to be accepted.


light detail (300-400Points

 [C] PWYW Sketch1 ~ Football Game by ChoralSeashelle

more detail (500-700Points

lotsa detail (800-1200Points) 

Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera by ChoralSeashelle


BACKGROUND (optional):

had to share here too, Rosco loves RariJack okay
Does anyone know the latest on Jenn Blake, aka PonyGoddess, the MLP comics artist who's been battling brain cancer for the last few years? I haven't heard any updates for like a year, and a lot of her social media has been deactivated... as well as the gofundme page that had been raising money for her treatment. I fear the worst. :'( 

I am only grateful, whatever the case, that I had the chance to see her at my first con. She was so open and funny and friendly to the whole room Heart  I kick myself for not going up and talking to her like I wanted to... she seemed very approachable and I would've loved to tell her personally how inspired I was by her work. 

I 100% respect Jenn and her family wanting to stay private in this time. I just wondered if someone else has seen an update that I haven't. Maybe there wasn't any. Just curious. 
Thanks, all Heart 
My good friend :iconbubaiuv: is taking some emergency custom commissions to help out her family. They're only $5 each and very beautiful! She is an awesome designer ^_^ I plan to order one myself, wanted to spread the word meanwhile though!

Check here for examples and further details!

Emergency CustomsAs many of you know, my family has hit a bit of a financial rough patch between my mom's chemo, and my dad's new job. My dad's isn't getting paid until next week and were pretty strapped until then, so emergency customs! One is $5 and you get one of these:

Or you can get 3 for $10. They can be any mlp species, cat thing like capper, seapony, Griffin or whatever. If you can please spread this around!
Some stuffs that have been on my mind :3

On the regularity of uploads... I mean, I know I've never kept much of a schedule, but I have been uploading quite a lot, between commissions and personal scribblings... which is great. But I feel I should just let you guys know, my posts will likely be a bit more far-between (though certainly not few) in the coming year. I have a lot of goals this year, one of which is to get another job, which obviously takes time. In addition, I have a lot of irons in the fire, not just drawing; and I'd like to be able to give them more time than I have been. Things like my music, and writing, and animation. I also want very much to challenge myself, to be more active and involved in my community at home. 

So, yeah, lots going on there! But I will always be posting art whenever possible, because no matter how busy I get, I never stop drawing altogether. Don't ever not draw, y'know? :D

Speaking of which...

On the subject of "The Harmony Guild" comic... Just to preface, YES IT IS 100% HAPPENING and very much in the works at this time; of that I am glad to assure you ^_^ However, I have to be honest with myself: there's no way I'm going to bring what's in my head to life on the timeline I had originally set for myself. Thing is, this project is very dear to me and, while I've been concocting it, technically, for well over a year now, I still feel I have a lot of behind-the-scenes work to do before I'm ready to start the panel art. I want it to be everything that it can be, and give it my very best; and I know I won't be able to do that if I rush myself. So, I'm easing up a bit, and focusing on the script rewrites and getting the stage set and the art style pinned down, and giving this story the time and attention I believe it deserves. Meanwhile, I will be sharing some developmental sketches and other WIP's, including, at some point, the test comic I talked about a little while back. I'll try not to spoil the plot details too much ahead of time, but I thoroughly plan on having some fun with the AU itself, probably even get a chance to explore some elements of the world that won't play much of a role (if any) in the comic. I'm really happy so many of you have expressed such enthusiasm for this AU, and I have plenty of tidbits to share with you during this developmental stage! I hope you'll all have patience and just enjoy the ride with me :)

And... on all my other creations... Fall of the Alicorns, MotoKnight, The Rusty Bit, etc. etc... they're all just here to entertain me, and I'll never stop drawing them ^_^ I'll probably create many more stories and characters and add them to the lineup of craziness as time goes on, and I hope y'all will enjoy watching my descent into OC hell because I don't know how I'll ever stop making more OC's :D (Trust me: I have entire worlds filled with OC's I haven't even drawn yet, they just live in my brain and keep me up at night, this is why I drink coffee XD)

That's all I got right now :3 If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I'm always ready and willing to chat about my projects and offer any insight I can :) Thanks for sticking around, everybody!

I'm weird. I'm a weirdo.

One of my favorite scenes from "New Girl" just makes so much sense for WildeHopps, idk why ^_^

And a very quick and silly one featuring the voice of Ashly Burch (snagged from a compilation) :D

You'll definitely be seeing more of these from me this year!