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some Maikos by ChoralSeashelle some Maikos by ChoralSeashelle
Did I really never post this here? I did this like 4 months ago, maybe longer XD But geez this gallery needs more MotoKnight so

(Refresher: MotoKnight (ト ナイト) is a fake anime I made up about futuristic Japanese sportsmen known as, well, MotoKnights. They participate in extreme sporting events inspired by medieval tournaments, such as the Joust (ジャスト) and the Swords (かたな = "katana"), as well as different races aboard hovercycles. Maiko Maruyama is the main protagonist, along with her manager/lawyer/lover, Izumi Uchida.)

Here is some info about my girl Maiko Maruyama:
  • She's 22 years old, making her the youngest Knight currently working in the professional Arena. 
  • She's naturally very outgoing and confident, even to the point of arrogance, which can make her personality a bit grating at times.
  • She's an extrovert.
  • Her Jousting uniform is based on European armor of the Middle Ages, comprised of a silver base with chain-mail accents, and two crimson stripes forming the shape of a cross at her chest. Her helmet is also fashioned to be reminiscent of a medieval knight's helmet.
  • She is, obviously, quite fascinated by European history. 
  • She dreamed of becoming a professional MotoKnight since childhood, when she used to follow her favorite Knights' careers on TV (futuristic TV is like VR in everyone's living rooms). 
  • She's an Aries (like yours truly).
  • She is a woman through and through, but honestly doesn't care what pronouns people use for her. She encourages people to choose for themselves when addressing her, "whatever feels right to you."
  • Her favorite color is silver (obviously).
  • She's 5'0" tall, and weighs about 125 pounds (she has a lot of muscle packed into her tiny frame). 
  • Her height means she is rather dwarfed by Izumi, who is 5'10". She is outmatched in shortness only by fellow Knight, Kaori Ishikawa, who is 4'10".
That's all I got for tonight XD 
tehwatcher Featured By Owner May 16, 2018
1st what a cutie

2nd  nice desing

3rd cool
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