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What Are Those?!


female ~ 23 ~ she/her ~ English

I'm just always trying to do my best :D

Never Gonna Give You Up


So, will you take your kids/small relatives to see "Once Upon A Deadpool" (PG-13 Deadpool 2)? :D 

10 deviants said What the *bleep* is that?? WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS?!
5 deviants said Yes! They'll love it!
5 deviants said No way, I'm not bringing them along! I'm not letting them ruin MY movie-night!
4 deviants said Maybe, I think I'll see it first to make sure it's toned down enough :3
2 deviants said Yep, they're seeing it whether they like it or not :D
2 deviants said Nah, I'm making them wait till they're old enough to watch the original versions, it's so much funnier once you're grown up, after all!



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Hi, y'all, I'll be making a real update about this soon but just wanted to reassure y'all this is my legit second account:
Nobody is tryna steal me :D
Gonna be moving largely to this account soon, I'll still post here sometimes, mainly commissions, I'm just feeling in need of a blank slate to play on a bit. As I said; more info to come, just wanted to get this out there :) 

Heart Heart Heart 
Now I need a Pikachu plushie to snuggle up with my Deadpool plushie. And get him a little Sherlock hat! AAGHGOOO
To clients and artists I'm trading with: this weekend has been one big blur, I'm afraid, and so I'm a little more behind on projects than I'd prefer. My goal is to finish up my to-do list within the next 2 weeks, so expect updates in the coming days. I do apologize for any delay and appreciate your patience!
Do they still do movie tie-in picture books and "movie novelizations"? I always loved those, especially the "full movie storybooks" that just retold the movie and used a bunch of screencaps/stills as illustrations. I also got into the "essential guide" books to different movies, usually just had random facts about the characters and sometimes even behind-the-scenes stuff.
I still have all the ones I bought as a kid too. I know I have the movie storybooks of the first two Narnia movies, as well as The Spiderwick Chronicles, and the essential guide to Happy Feet, as well as several short picture books from Narnia and Over The Hedge and stuff like that :D I remember the Nim's Island storybook included details and stills from deleted scenes, which I thought was weird, and the Happy Feet books had stills of Mumble shedding his fluffy feathers and ending the movie with sleek black feathers... I guess they jumped the gun a little on their merch XD
Idk, just been thinking about these things today, anyone else have memories of them? :)
I knew this would happen XD I'm *in loooove* with Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!! As much as I hate how long it takes me to say the name XD But glory be, the art style is so much fun to watch, the exaggerated movement/expressions just tickle my soul, and I love every character to pieces ^_^ My favorite turtle I guess is Leonardo but I honestly don't know, they're all great <3 April is also da BOMB okay :D
Who's your favorite? :)


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HEY HOW ARE U ??? we havent talked in a hot minute 
ChoralSeashelle Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional General Artist
Heya! I'm doing pretty well, how about yourself? :)
rockruffian Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
im really good! i recently got a new sona who has helped me feel a lot better about drawing anthro stuff :"^)
im also very close to being on a holiday break from school so im just really working towards that freedom day by day omg
ChoralSeashelle Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional General Artist
Oh, is that Kamryn? I've really enjoyed seeing your anthro art recently! 
That's awesome! Any big plans for your break?
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tehwatcher Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2018
1st hello you their?
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Heyo beautiful~
Have a wonderful day <3

You are loved~
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Hiii thank you, right back atcha! <3
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redwallfanforever Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2018
Any big Halloween art Planned ?
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Not at the moment, but we'll see! :)
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