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Because we're not following the standard format that most OCTs tend to follow, we had to work out a new way to run things here. Below is a video giving the basic run down.

If the video wasn't clear, There will be no eliminations in this tournament. If you make it past auditions, then you're guaranteed to be on board for the entirety of the tournament. But be warned, if you make fail to finish your round by the deadline, you will be dropped.

Without getting into too much detail, every round judges can give you up to 18 points each. A perfect round can rack up 90 points. By the end of the final round, all your points will be tallied, the contestant with the most points wins.

You will not have to face an opponent in rounds, you only need to write your character doing the challenge. But to keep things interesting, We will hand out names of characters that you may optionally include into your story for BONUS POINTS! In addition, Judges may dish out an additional Bonus point each to a contestant that has went the extra mile.

Anyway, We hope to see you folks in Chop to the Top.

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Sadly because its no longer a pvp bracket oct, my partner and i (characters are june and bubbles) have decided to drop out, sorry, the new format just doesnt fit for us anymore

however, we will still be uploading the wips of our audition if anyone just wanted to see