Round 5 - The Moon Rises on the Grasslands (video)

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First off, Congratulations to everyone that has braved through all the challenges to this point

As the sun sets in the Quinlin Wastes, the moon rises on Chohoni Grasslands. The night of Sugary Stars is upon us.

For all those that are curious, contestants scores are as follows:
Amihan - 75 points (408 total)
Kalla/Azabroth - 87 points (429 total)
Millie/Baxely - 83 points (409)
Oz - 79 points (378)
Scoot - 66 points (316)
Vance 76 points (387)

As many of you already know, this round will be a FREE FOR ALL. So there are no pairings this time around. VERY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND, this round will be longer than the others, that is because not only does your character need to do this round's challenge, but also needs to finish the story by preparing THE FEAST OF THE GODS! It also goes without saying that a grace period will be available by the deadline, but please don't rely on it. PLEASE WORK HARD and make the most fantastic FINALE that you can to finish your stories with. It's been so inspirational to see you guys come this far, and we are excited to see your characters to finish their journey.

I wish the best of luck to all of you! The Round ends on September 21st, 2018, at 11:59:59 pm, EDT. Thank you and bon apetit!
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