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(Edit: Scores have been fixed!)

Good evening! Congratulations all on completing round 2! With the cool of the Gardens behind us, it’d be a great time to hit the beaches! Unfortunately, there’s no time for a vacation.
So before you go hunting for peppers, here’s the results for Round 2!
In alphabetical order:
Andi (carcajouse) – 73 points (217 total)
Bagwis (treebook) – 79 points (249 total)
Cha (Thundernater) – 60 points (159 total)
Cook E (FaelaArts) – 66 points (197 total)
Ja’Nitchi/Ghroc (Pikaronii/WonderfulWiz) – 54 points (217 total)
Jerry/USP (hazard100) – 56 points (167 total)
Kalla/Azabroth (EMPJ/Black-Crescent) – 86 points (254 total)
Meikhal (vchannel) – 52 points (182 total)
Millie/Baxley (MischiefJoKeR) – 93 points (244 total)
Oz (purpleEar) – 83 points (217 total)
Sarah (guzu/Akatsukicerberus) – 78 points (223 total)
Scoot (LuckyNothin) – 66 points (191 total)
Tako (SkullHareStudios) – 80 points (238 total)
Vance (TheFrigginPizzaMan) – 79 points (228 total)

Which makes our leaderboard:

First Place – Kalla/Azabroth (254 points)
Second Place – Bagwis (249 points)
Third Place – Millie/Baxley (244 points)
Fourth Place – Tako (238 points)
Fifth Place – Vance (228 points)

Special Thanks to :iconyarnwitch: for participating, but sadly you are now Chopped from the tournament.

I think all of you will enjoy the next Challenge, held in the Opebe Keys. The Keys are a series of islands surrounding a rather hot volcano. The heat makes the surrounding water warm like a hot spring.  The people themselves of these islands burn with a great passion for cooking. The islands are well known to be a huge luxury hot spot for chefs as the keys are teeming with beaches and great variety of spices for cooking. Too bad you're all going into the volcano! The challenge you have today is to retrieve the rare pepper, Devil's Tongue. It only grows in hot lava and the only opportunity you'll have to get it is when the lava lowers in the volcano tonight. You'll only have a short amount of time to harvest it, so you must be quick!

As always, if you would like a critique, send the group a message and someone will send you one as soon as they can. You must ask within one week of this post (by the 21st) to get a critique. Round 3 begins today and will be due Tuesday, March 20th, at midnight (PST).
Brace yourself, this contest is only just heating up! See you in the Keys and bon apetit!
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Goodness! I couldn't stop laughing the whole video XDDD and Solomon's "HEH!" caught me off guard XD

Team SweetBreads ready for the HOT challenge =D