8 WEEKS TILL DEADLINE (Character Spotlight)

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Sckookum here. We only got 8 weeks until the deadline. So I thought I could start using my unrighteous authority and post journals to remind our poor champions. Also to have a little bit of fun, I've decided to make some highlights for the finalist who are currently in the fifth round. Might not do this everyweek, but I'm hoping to regularly make these highlights to show some interesting things about your characters.

This week's spotlight is Kalla and Azabroth from :iconempj::iconblack-crescent:

Chibi by the amazing Kirrw :iconkirrw:

Special Message to the judges I refused to inform of my foolish antics: This is just gonna be a thing where I'm not going to tell you what I'll be doing. I'm gonna abuse my admin powers from now on and make plenty of annoying journals.

Kirrw, you're an accomplice in this crime, whether you know it or not, as you have assisted me with the spotlight.
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Holy wowness! D8>
That's so wonderful! 

Kalla is crazy wonderful in Kirrw's style XD