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Camillus and Eli

Eli would be a peculiar creature to the monsters in his world, he's not really afraid of any of them, he'd sooner have one way conversations where he just pours his thoughts out to them regardless if they want to listen or not, just so he doesn't have to talk to his peers back home.
His thoughts would be intriguing to a solitary Naga. I could see him frequenting Camillus's favourite spot and unloading all his problems on him, he'd very much enjoy that cB He finds the inner workings of others quite enthralling.
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which one's which?
NekoTheNecromancer's avatar
Wow.  The posing in this is so great.  Just wow.  A lot of life drawing I'm assuming?
Chopstuff's avatar
Ahaha, no I've never done life drawing before, but thank you :)
pitadragon's avatar
The Naga is awesome. :)
Inghelene's avatar
My oh my, I absolutely love the atmosphere in this.
With the bracnches to the wall and sunbeams, to the shaded characters.
I also really love how the guys interact.
Especially the snake, as it so brilliantly displays movement in all 3 dimentoins, while still keeping a propper weight display. 
How you also mannage to draw the tail so constant is a mystery to me. 

//casually stalking your gallery to find awesome stuff, don't mind me. UvU
Chopstuff's avatar
;u; ooooo thank you so much~
Inghelene's avatar
Welcome! ^o^
I also think that naga was what first got me interested in your art as I saw that owl harpy picture. UvU
Chopstuff's avatar
Ohhh *u* It seems a lot of people enjoy my nagas :'D Maybe I should doodle them more ahaha :'D
Inghelene's avatar
Well I generally enjoy all of your characters xD
It was just randomly that who showed up in my inbox.
What dragged me in was the composition.
windyautumnmoon's avatar
Love how animated Eli looks here and the naga is gorgeous <3
Chopstuff's avatar
Heeee thanks eh cB
RaisloverSakura's avatar
I love the layout of this one!
At first I was thinking to myself...someone is about to get eaten! ahahaha!
Until I read the description and then I fell in love, what an endearing exchange!
I can imagine that Naga would be very interested in Eli's crazy tales and day to day adventures!
Love the naga body and the expressions and interactions! :heart:
Chopstuff's avatar
Ahh thank you ;u; It was just a whim doodle that I went overboard on ahahhaa :'D

Hehehe, Yeah it does look that way :'D
My naga's are meant to be like... intimidating enough for others to avoid them but extremely mellow during the day.
I need to do a write up on them like I did for my other creatures XD huhuhu
RaisloverSakura's avatar
I will look forward to it! *3*
Mellow during the day...meaning that you probably shouldn't be near them during night?? eheheheh!
Your characters and species are just so awesome! :la:
Chopstuff's avatar
yeee cB They get a bit scary :'D ahaha
Eledora's avatar
Ehehe younger Eli is so cute with that fluffy hair >w<  I like how Camillus's snake-shaped body created a "frame" for this scene too!
Chopstuff's avatar
Hehehe, yes he's much less jerk-like cB
Thank you eh ;u;
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