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Pokemon Triple TG

I thought it would take a very long time to do something like this, but it really didn't (well, it did for me, but that's because I'm lazy). This is a triple tg process of my original character Benji turning into the three different Pokemon girls, all of whom I think are some of the most adorable girls in Anime.

I've had kind of a lull recently, and I didn't really feel like investing myself in something big like a comic, so I wanted to do another process first, and I was going to do Dawn from Pokemon. Unfortunately, I found Dawn very hard to draw, and among all the practice I was putting in for her, I started drawing Misty in order to get the feel of it (Misty being the same age, build, and art style as Dawn). Since I just wanted to get this done, I started considering a Misty TG instead, but I loved Dawn so much and I wanted to draw and color her cute little dress, so in the end, I decided to do both, and then later, all three.

Another fun fact, the final product was the first time I ever drew May. I liked how she turned out, except for her chin.
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I love this :D
This is really good! Dawn looks especially cute.
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I think you did a pretty good job on all three girls. For the first time ever drawing someone, you got it down.Clap
It'd be interesting to see more transformations for Benji, since it seems that there is some blank space in the corner.:) (Smile)
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Good job, but were's iris?

i want to be misty :3
Wrenzephyr2's avatar
Crossroads across genders xD
I love this
DAVE37's avatar
Bravo Bravo that takes skill
BisectedBrioche's avatar
Wow, nice one. All three TFs are great! :D
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