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016 - drawing

sometimes i donno why i want to draw...
sometimes i feel sad when i cant draw what i want...
sometimes i feel like give up drawing...

drawing should be happy isnt it??

drawing just makes me crazy...
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i know that feeling
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dies for 2 secs
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I feel yo pain bro.
monarch-black-no1's avatar
Woah!! This is awesome!!
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Can u color a simple thing for me? pleasee
Quitaren12's avatar
wat? I am confused and very pained in the heart.
Shiro-Alice's avatar
Feel your pain bro....
sebaselciclon's avatar
oh man, I get it, I feel sooo the same way. Altrough I know this is mostly my fault (as a lack of self confidence makes me give up easily on things, and that´s why I dont deal well with frustration).
UltramarinXx's avatar
True... And i love it!
ozgurdk's avatar
Papelex's avatar
Oh my god... Creepy yet wonderful!
ObsidianCube's avatar
Interesting concept you've used here. It really does show the craziness when you're confused to draw.
awesome ! i like the ideea
lynnstar98's avatar
0.0 this is so creepy and so cool at the smame time really just wow...............
Very emotional! I like this work!!!))))
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wow...i like the idea..
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this is awesome
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That's awesome!
Ricofede92's avatar
scary but true xD
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