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Rick and Morty

I have been madly in love with this show from the very first episode. It's actually ridiculous. Or should I say... Rickdiculous... ha. 
Iv'e used multicoloured lines here, I don't really know why. But in all honestly, I couldn't be happier with the result. Please let me know what you think though, I tried a bunch of new things here and I'd really appreciate any criticism. I don't have a PM, so I can't formally ask for a critique, but I'm just gonna say that you are more than welcome to write a critique.

Yes I drew each of those stars one by one. I regret nothing.

EDIT: I fixed up Rick's face because it didn't look right. I made it less stupid shaped.

EDIT 2014: Oh my god some of the general anatomy stuff was really bothering me so I tried to fix some things up, honestly Id like to just draw this again someday. Rick's proportions are really PISSING ME OFF. I WANT TO TRAVEL TO A PAST DIMENSION AND PUNCH MYSELF IN THE FACE FOR BEING TERRIBLE AT ANATOMY.

ANOTHER EDIT 2016: I made the file size much smaller and signed it again because this picture has been stolen and sold as prints and tees without my permission on several occasions. Wow aren't people just the worst (:
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i love how simple and cute this art style is.
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Love this! Just wanted to say. Sorry I'm not good at constructive feedback, I just really REALLY like this♥ 
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Some company stole your art and a youtuber called them out on it and linked back to you and other artists:
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Yes so much floof
Gelixiano's avatar
Beautiful <3<3
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I love these floofy boi
They cute
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Omg, I love these eyes!!!!!
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Not much you can do about art being stolen, there are people who offer to remove watermarks/signatures for a fee, so....
Your only hope is to stick to an art style and hope that one day people will recognize an art piece made by you due to the style ^_^
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Awesome! I love rick and morty! <3
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I love Rick and Morty so when I saw this I was super happy to know that other people love it to!!
Rock and matty 
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Great art. I have been watching season 3, and I notice that Morty has become a more jaded character this season. I never expected this. I would have thought he becomes jaded in Seasons 4 or 5. Has anyone noticed?

Note: Jaded means "bored, tired, or lacking enthusiasm" I think I've fainted. 
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EH, actually I just think some 'rick' is rubbing on Morty, if anything he became more edgy.
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People are indeed the worst, but I get the use: This piece is great, I love it. I'm especially fond of the stars in Morty's eyes -- Great touch! =)
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Why am I so in LOVE with this..
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Morty looks so adorable
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wow this is my phone screen background
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May I share this online? I'll give credit. This is amazing btw
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