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Monkey Business

An album cover I designed for Valom, check him out yoooo!

Criticism appreciated as always
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So many good musicians are simian-based, don't you find? =)
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Deep thoughts :astronaut: 
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This show was my childhood
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Looks like george
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Where's the man with the yellow hat?  
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throw back to space chimp tho
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Oh, the feels for that Monkey! It soooo gooood.
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This is Curious George written all over again.

My child hood memory.
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I thought the exact same thing!
All we're missing is the Man with the big yellow hat! :lol:
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Yeah. Childhood memory. Back when all the good shows were on.
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is that Curious George???
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It's just a chimp, it's whatever you want it to be I guess (:
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This looks amazing! :O
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like how it seems like the milky way is making it's way down the drain like silt. clever. also great half-down 3/4 back angle, that's a tough one to represent. what meathod, if you did, did you use for the drawthroughs, it's so solid! The only thing I'd criticize is I'm not a fan of the hand/leg tangent, but somehow, without it, the angles wouldn't be as dynamic, so it's a tough call on that. color dymamics (blue/orange) are really great as well, like sunsets expecting nightfall but in a positive way.
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Thank you so much!! I'm not sure what you mean by drawthrough method? 
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the draw-throughs for the angle. did you do a draw-through? It's where you use a line of action and construction lines to help setup composition. there are several methods to doing this. one I recently found is the elliptical method, where you draw a character in a base flat pose and to foreshorten you build out rings in the direction of where you want to place the figure's body part. in junior college I learned about planar construction for perspective using a small square sheet of paper and a viewfinder, but that method is a bit archaic and doesn't work as well with digital drawings and is more for painting. there's also the buildup method where you draw parts of the body in layers starting with those furthest from the viewer after setting up a flattened version (Foreshortening technique used originally by oil painters and pioneered by dali, but is used by digital painters). do you just visualize a silhouette and build from it... or is there no rough and is it intuition?
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