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Commission - Rick and Morty AT style

By Choppywings
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For dragonrose427!

Three drawings of Rick and Morty in an Adveture-Time-esque style 
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You put two shows together and created a crossover.

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omg you nailed the characters pretty much
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Wow, this is great!
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You, good friend, earned a watcher. This art is fantabulous!
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Adventure Time! come one grab laser guns, we're gonna have a whole lot of fun. with morty the wimp and rick the granddad the lawbreaking will never end, its adventure time!
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this is super cute! i love the colours too
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I wish Adventure time did an episode kind of with Rick and Morty, like they did with Futurama. With Lemonhope acting like Morty, his older self like Rick breaking the fourth wall, and his bird voiced by Dan Harmon.    
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HAhahhh that would be dope, we can dream though.
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Do you mind if I post this somewhere else?
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Sure, as long as I'm given credit.
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I love it! These drawings make them look so misleadingly wholesome
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PFFFT HAh yeah it could almost pass as a kids show! I was told to make all the expressions positive, too. (probably bc I have a habit of making most characters look like they are having an existential crisis)
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These look so awesome!
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Rick and Morty in AT style mixed with your style makes this even better. :D
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Thank you! Yeah it's not dead on AT style, somewhere in-between mine and theirs I guess
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Wow rick and morty look so cute x3 the fistbump aah
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Pretty cool, but this actually reminds me, I don't know if you've seen this but here's a video that explores the themes and ideas of the show and is actually quite fascinating.…
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Ya I've seen that, very interesting & thought provoking (:
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