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[TC] Chest Pains
There was something dirty about hiding something so severe from his most trusted assistant and nurse, but alas, there were priorities in life.
Being a surgeon meant to prioritize the patient above everything else. Treating GUILT, in a way, forcefully taught him this. No matter the context, the place or the difficulty of the surgery at stake, he had to go through with it anyway. He couldn’t complain: it was the path he had chosen, and countless lives counted on him to go against GUILT. It was, simply, how priorities were heading and going, and he just had to swallow his pride down and go with the flow of things. It wasn’t too hard when he wasn’t the one affected with the damn parasite, but today was… a different case. There was something wrong with him, but what?
He trusted Angie with everything, of course. He’d trust her with his life, even. However, even if he had an iron certainty about her skills and how she could handle and stomach so much, like she ha
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An Hour With Domino - Podcast Show - Episode 14
Greetings in 2019!  A new year has begun, and so has new episodes of An Hour With Domino.  A solo Domino episode today and I get into talking about lots of games that I've been enjoying so far this year.  I touch upon Dead Or Alive 6, Soul Calibur 6, and Planet Coaster.  I also get into the topic of UFOs with Project Blue Book and tell more about my books and writing later in the episode. :)
:icondominopunkyheart:DominoPunkyHeart 1 0

Hello everyone! Tis I again- For the book and film reviews! I'm a day late OTL But regardless, here I am!
I hope everyone has had a nice 2018, and will have a prosperous 2019! This time last year I was on One Piece episode 40... I'm on 625 now. Dunno if I should be ashamed or impressed XDD I will be uploading my sewing commissions and drawings soon, things have just been nuts recently.

As usual, my judgements tend to be very skewed due to my picky nature XD Like last year, I don't want this to get too long, so these are only some of the books and films I have read/watched!

We shall begin with the books...

The Lucifer Effect- Phillip Zimbardo

This was seriously good! Written by one of my heroes, it gave me a much better insight to the notorious Stanford Prison Experiment and how Dr.Zimbardo has used his findings to try and help better the world. It engaged me the entire time, will definitely be buying other works from him in the future. 5/5

No et Moi- Delphine de Vigan

Had to read this for my French A-Level- It wasn't a terrible book by a long shot, it had some brilliant themes and a halfway decent plot. I think the problem was that we had to shred it to bits with analysis and the teacher we had for it was... Not great. If I'd read it alone, like I'd originally intended before she came into the school and changed the book we were going to study, I think I'd have liked it a lot more. 3.5/5

The House with a Clock in its Walls- John Bellairs

I bought this to read after I watched the film for my birthday, and I have to say I loved both of them for different reasons. Can't really fault either the book or film. It was a very sweet book. It was an easy read, but I think that's so children can also read it. The film was different in places, but didn’t deviate too far from the original plot. It was also really funny and actually a little scary in parts. I’ve decided to review these two together for that reason, as otherwise I’d just be repeating myself. 4.5/5

Moonbeam- Scott M Stockton
A book by :icondominopunkyheart:, my good friend! It was definitely one of his best works, I could tell his soul was poured out into this story. I'm drawing some fanart for it right now. It was suspenseful, with brilliant characters and some very interesting plot points. 5/5, loved it!

Torment Saint-William Todd Schultz
This made me cry a little on the train- It's a biography of Elliott Smith, one of my favourite musicians of all time. It gave me an insight to not only his life, but also his music and what influenced him. It was fairly balanced, but there was a fair bit of bias concerning his death... Which is very controversial anyway. 4/5

Cell- Stephen King
This book was seriously intriguing- It was a sort of zombie apocalypse thing, but with technology! It definitely made my train journeys bearable, in fact I started to look forward to them just so I could read more of this book. Definitely recommend it, the ending will surprise you! 5/5

From a Buick 8- Stephen King
This one was good too, I didn't enjoy it as much as Cell because it started off fairly slow, but when it got going it really got going. I really liked the supernatural element, and the characters were likeable too. 4/5!

Pretty good, right? Time for the films!


This wasn’t just a film- It was art. I LOVED the visuals of this film, the music was catchy, the story was simple but touching… Everything worked together really well! The ending made me tear up a bit, I’m sure I’d have cried properly if I were alone but :iconshslmoralcompass: was with me lol. 5/5!

No et Moi

Watched this to try and help further understand the book, but it was a waste of time. The book and movie are close in parts, but deviate fairly far in many aspects. Standalone, the film wasn’t the worst thing ever, but it wasn’t really memorable or good. 2/5, purely because I love the song written for the end of the movie.

Cabin in the Woods

Watched this for a laugh one day when I was sad- Let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint me. Think of all the horror clichés you can- This movie will poke fun at them. It’s so self-aware it’s hilarious. Plus there’s the weird supernatural/horror element that underlies the whole thing. This was such a good take on it- 4.5/5

Good Will Hunting

I watched this film because I heard Elliott Smith contributed heavily to the soundtrack- I was not disappointed. It was so touching, and Robin Williams played the part of the therapist perfectly. It had my attention the whole time, made me cry a little…. But there’s something holding me back from giving it 5/5, and that’s how slow it was in parts. I get that it’s meant to be about Will’s life, but I can’t help but think they could have shown a little more past than present. 4/5

Wolf Children

This film was so sad and beautiful, it reminded me of the Studio Ghibli films. It was a very good story, with characters I was able to attach to almost instantly. I do recommend it, both the dub and the sub of it are good. 4.5/5

Fullmetal Alchemist (Live-action)

I was very wary of this film, since Netflix anime films now have a reputation for being shit (DEATH NOTE I’M LOOKING AT YOU) but it was actually surprisingly very good. I don’t recommend watching in English- I tried but the way the people’s mouths didn’t synch up with the words bugged me, so I swapped to Japanese with subs. It sounded better too ngl. 4/5

Pokemon: Power of Us

This one was adorable! It was funny in all the right places, looked very pleasing, and had a decent story. I loved a few of the new characters, and it was so nice to see the Team Rocket trio again. There’s only one thing that really ruined the mood- I’m not gonna spoil it, but there’s a certain phrase that gets repeated throughout the movie, and during one intense scene the character just repeats it over and over without taking a breath and it totally destroyed the scene. Couldn’t take that part seriously XD I have a feeling it sounded better in the original Japanese but translated badly. 4.5/5

Johnny English Strikes Again

Onto my favourite one! I saw the first two films years ago (And I’ve seen them enough times to be able to renact the first one) and this one was just as good as them! It was very funny, excellently casted and well set. The storyline was a lot more predictable than the last two, but I don’t think it really took much away from the story, since the comedy made up for it. 5/5!

That’s it for 2018! See you much later in 2019, when I review again! <3


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