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Merry Christmas

As promised, a re-drawn version of 2007's popular wallpaper.

This time it comes in a flavour of 1920x1080.
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WOW...I love it.
Awesome art. May I use on our church facebook profile? keeping your signature of course. The church is Destiny Family church located in Wagoner, OK. USA.
Thank you for sharing this. It's beautiful.
thanks for posting.
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Thank you so much....this is my FAVORITE and the BEST wallpaper ever. Excellent work!!!
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awsome wallpaper! love it! :D
i like your image. it's great. i wanna build a web app with a christmas tree in the center. and all wishes are the lights will be go around the tree. it's can be that. i love your product, everything in it. can you give me 'a tutorial: how to do it' or 'psd file of this image' ?!? it's will help me so much.
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Incredible. :)

Merry Christmas!
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Beautiful work man!
Mind me asking how you did it? Like, is that a font with the light bulbs or is that a brush?
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Just a normal font with some light bulbs drawn on. All done in Fireworks :)
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So is this just a larger version of the previous version? I'm confused.

BTW, awesome job! ^_^ :+fav:
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Larger, and just tidied up a bit.. The other one had harsh edges on the light inside of fading out.. :)
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Great work man >:D<

I've just seen the old version on google with the wartermark "" at bottom then i come here and you don't let me down.

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oh that is one sexy wallpaper!
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same to you
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This looks fantastic, really inspirational!
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Great wallpaper!! :clap:

Can I introdoce this wonderful image in my blog (a series of wallpapers about Christmas)? [link]

Of course, I'll link it back to this original page.
If you don't agree, I will draw it back. And if you agree, that will be my honor.

No matter what your answer is, thank you again for your beautiful wallpaper. :dance:
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Of course, thank you :)
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