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A few of you already know that I got new account on DA and I want to keep that account only for drawing.

However!,  I got a lot of  new art work and new photograph and I don't feel like post them on my new account so my boy friend said why don't I just use my old account??? I have been thinking a lot about it ...and WHY NOT!

So This account will be only for multi-art work such as  photography and graphic design. It should be interesting..
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Hi friends,

I had been busy with summer work and find new flat since Dec. I finish first roll of drawing (90 images) 2-3 days ago.. and I also found new flat for me and my boyfriend (and with two best friend of mine) to live! I can not wait because we have been together for 2 years and I think it is time to live together.

I had been drawing all month but I don't feel like post them online at all.. It is kind of boring type of drawing (well it is work and I got pay so I cannot say no!) I draw clip art (not sure it is the right word or spelling) It is gonna be for English online study for my old school. I draw people working in their office, people send mail, van, people listen to music, people using computer, people working, happy and unhappy people and all kind of boring stuffs. However, I got to learn how to draw in Illustrator.. I learn so much and getting better at it. One I finish this job I might try to draw something cool with Illustrator.
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Hi all...whoever read this.. I guess not many people does! but well.. Just said that I am still around...just have  been busy with things after school... Funny that I am still busy as I was at school.. however, i got pay this time but not untill after New Year...

Anyway..I am looking for job and I finish my online CV! it is at I need to keep update them one a month.

My mom ask me to settle down... god @_@


I need job first mommy!
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hmmm… I finish school and I feel so tired right now… yesterday was my last class.  I feel sick of doing work right now but I think I have to finish my website portfolio sometime soon. I also want to have DVD portfolio and print out one as well.

I am thinking of make business card as well and I hope I have time for all this…

Next week I still have to go to school to be ready for exhibition. I will be busy as I help school to set the exhibition up… there are not many students care to come and help so it will be a few of good and hard work students turn up.

I got to make DVD for digital design group for exhibition... I think I am only digital student who will be turn up and help exhibition.

David, my teacher at school want me to design xmas-card this year for school and send some of my art work for exhibition sticker.. I don't know when I will do this.. maybe try to fix that next two week.

Head teacher at school also ask me to design DVD cover for school. Cool thing about it is, this DVD will be send to many place and it is my art work on cover as well (and I design them too) I got to make my time for this.

I am not sure that I sound so happy as I feel like little holiday right now, but I can't.. oh well.. I will still live I guess

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>_< WOW I am fall in love with my new animation I made in Moving Graphic class right now. I can not stopppp! :"3

Been working on it every week, 40 hours a week! It is group assignment but I only get together with my friend on Sunday only. I usually sit down together, working non stop until monday morning. I feel great~!

I can not wait until it finish.. I want to show to everyone right now but I guess it is better to wait untill it finish.

I had been busy teaching 7 student this months, I still not get pay yet!! Where is my money!! I don't like public holiday! I don't like long weekend!! Bank in NZ need to work harder.. too much holiday in this country. >_<

nya nya nya.. work work work is fun, work is life, work make you feel great, work make you forget about crazy stuffs in your mind, work make you love yourself more, work make you sleep better and it is work better than drinking.
OMG... It is just only 5 weeks from now. I will be finish tech.


It is a excited but also make me feel little worry because I am not sure what kind of job I will get. However, I am looking for do all kind of art that I am interested in rather than doing homework :"D

I had fun doing animation assignment but I am not sure I am enjoy DVD menu assignment.. maybe I will enjoy it soon when I started to do some drawing and put them in to shape.

Anyway... back to hat I wanna do when I finish school....

0. Turn to Gothic punk!!!
1. I wanted to finish builds ( my personal CV site)
2. Finish builds  It is gonna be my web comic book site.
3. start work on web comic idea. I wanna update them one or three time  a week. I already got the idea that will make 3D character comic book.
4. Do a lot of drawing and modeling study
6. Design all kind of cool stuffs such as t-shirt and underwear print!
7. Play a few games
8. Become an artist in sculpture, photography and painting area oneday.
9. Make a few music VDO n become famous  8-)
10. After got good job I want to move out of this boring flat.
11. Visit people
12. make new friends
13. Save money n buy vdo cam 0_0

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I had a bad  day and I had read this shit... It just make me feel a little bit better...


How to Forget Life Sucks

by Jason Farnon

How many times have you said this to yourself? Things just suck, people are stupid. You haven't washed in a while and are probably better off dead. Once again, cDc comes to the rescue. Here are some methods of passing the time until you die. They have been tested and proven to work. No guess work involved here... have fun.


Seems pretty obvious, right? You'd be amazed how many people overlook this. Here is a secret tip for you: did you know that you don't have to be tired or drowsy to sleep? I bet you didn't. Don't stay up thinking something cool is going to happen. Don't go hang out with people who suck as much as you. You know nothing cool will happen. It never does. But you waste your time like a moron going "out" and coming back with no satisfaction whatsoever. Why not just stay home and sleep? Your bed is warm, and nobody can bother you. You can't be frustrated with trying to do anything cool, because you never attempted anything to begin with.

Sleep eighteen hours a day if you can get away with it. Sleep any place where you know you will not get sodomized. You know you don't have to be social if your eyes are closed. I have learned that if people think you're sleeping, they won't try to talk to you. You know how much you hate that interaction thing. Plus, when you sleep, you'll feel better. For all the hours you've wasted doing nothing, you could do something that makes you happy. Just accept that you will die a worthless piece of shit having contributed nothing worthwhile to this hypocritical shithole society. It makes doing nothing so much easier. They don't deserve your brilliance anyway.


I wanna sleep because some people full of shit

This is the link if u like what you read...…
This year is fast! I don't wanna get older so soon (haha) Anyway...I will be finish 3rd year soon and then I will have to find a job to pay bills...

I was on holiday and god.... I can not pick up my pen to draw!.. I guess I was study too much and when I am on holiday. I just sit back and play games!)

I thinking about post some animation works here sometime soon.. I had been telling myself this forever.. LAZY CHONY.

I feel tired.. too tired untill can not sleep... @_@

anyway.. It is ok.. because tomorrow,  :date: I have dinner with my sweet baby John boy.

I wish I can live with him very soon... so I can cook for him often. ( also John cook for me when i am busy.. he is good cook..) (ok I guess I feel lonely a bit  
It had been good 2 weeks of my life. Firstly, I get the letter from school that I got an award from The Smart PC for be EXCLLENCE student in Digital Media ( Second Year) ( Smart PC is my school sponsored) It was hard work last year to keep up study non stop and now it is pay for me. I never have any award like this before in my life ^_^  ( LOL I USED TO BE BAD STUDENT)

Well that was a great news!

Last weekend was my best friend's birthday, Simon. It was nice to see all our friend get together again.. and I also talk to Julia again ( as we used to had big fight one) It is great to be able to chat with her. I feel good for that. All the best for me!!

Somehow, I got to finish my assignments too.. This year, assignments'r harder than last year.. I got to make something about Bird Flu's issue for my graphic design class..   All I can think of and care about bird Flu.. is human have no right to kill bird ( animal) as we are already know that they will die soon..

It is sad to see all the chicken burn alive like that on newspaper or on TV. See human kill birds for no better reason like this, make me feel sad and angry. So I will make "Protest" posters or one big and longggg painting.

If all the chicken'r not helpless like this and if we are not the smartest animal in this world  and have flu...,Maybe, chickens may kill us like we kill them.

Animals also have emotion and surely that they are afraid and knowed what will happen to them.... :"< I feel sad now , writting all this out.
I have to get use to doing homework in my free time. My first week isn't too bad but I still feel lazy with my homework... I could do better.. Maybe I should slow down visitting people... It is big change as I had 3months holiday beforeand now my free time is gone.

I had join gym for 4 weeks now. I hope I can keep going to gym 3 time a week as minimum. It will be hard because I feel my school homework will take over soon.

I still be a peer tutor at school.. this is gonna be hard >_<
I am going back to Tech next comming Tuesday. My time table is really cool. I only 1 full day and 1 half a day this turm, so It is only 2 day to go to school. -_- It might make me little lazy to get up for morning class.

I hope I will get all A this year.

Next Wednesday is my birthday.. @_@ Get old! However, I am still act like 3 years old to my own mother and act like 19 with friends. Lucky that my outside look also young as how I act and dress. People think I am about 20-22 years old.
A few silly people think I am 16 sometime. I don't think I do look 16 so i would said though people may little dodgy. LOL
I don't have much time do my own art work this week. I end up drawing for  my sister's work, kid story book. It is boring because it is too happy. However I love my sister so much, so I should do it for her.

My boyfriend's ex gf had become good friend with me. She's fun to hang out with, however, sometime I can not keep up with her. She has 5-6 coffee a day and she can go out all day long. We went for walk all the time and she always choose to go to difference town as well. I also have a hard time to say "NOOO I DON"T WANNA GO TODAY" ((stop be nice chony! (:P i just can't!)))

My mother called me today and she is good at get mad at everyone. The thing is, my little borther wanna come to study English in NZ for a month. Funny is, he choose to come here at Apil. NZ schools have 2 week off for easter and my borther only can come here at Apil. Nobody can learn language for 2 week or a month, you will never get anything from it. I wonder he just wanna come here for play.  If he wanna come for play, just fucking say so..  Maybe wanna date more Japanese girls at school and cheat on his gf who he never dump her... What's a lovely fucking borther... My mother also come with my's lovely -_-

I don't feel like be with mom alone and I think my borther will hardly home too.. All I want to do is study. I have no time to have big huge dinner or lunch. I don't have time for hot pool with mom every weekend or have dinner with her friends. It is just a lot of work with mother...


I am really sick of this... I wanna finish school, get a job and told her that I don't need her free money anymore. I love my mother and I want to make her happy but also I don't want to make myself upset anymore.
:faint: I haven't been drawing much during new year time.... I feel too sick to draw.. as I got some flu for 2 weeks now. It just don't wanna go away! I feel tired eyes often and wanna lay down.  :blownose:

Also I am such a bad girl! because I always be bored at home alone so I always visit all my friends and sometime sleep over at friend house too.. I guess I should sleep at home sometime.

However... people who live around me always have parties fucking everyday  :angered:  and they keep broke beer bottols too. This block of flat used to be nicer than now.. I hope this people move out soon because I can not move anytime soon -_- poor and no friends to move in to.. I don't wanna live with people i don't know or young guy friends because most of my guy friends r messy!!.