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Deviation Actions

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  • Credit is now optional for my brushes. If you want to give credit, you can add a link back to my deviantart page.
  • You are allowed to use these brushes on DA or off.
  • Do not redistribute my brushes as your own. If you'd like to add my brushes to a free brush collection etc, send me a note.
  • My brushes are free for noncommercial use. If you want to use them in commercial work, ask for my permission first or purchase the sets I have available on CHOKINGONSTATIC DESIGN.
  • Brushes that say "Images from Stock Exchange" or "Sorry, this set can not be used in commercial work" in the comment section, can not be used in commercial work.
  • Comments and/or favorites are greatly appreciated.
  • If you want to show me how you have used my brushes, send me a note/comment with the link to your deviation.
  • And last but not least, have fun using my brushes! If you have any suggestions for brushes you would like to see, send me a note and I'll consider it.
© 2008 - 2021 chokingonstatic
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Can I use these commercially? I want to use these brushes on the cover of my poetry book

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Thanks so much <3
JewElf's avatar
Can I use it ?
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Can I use these commercially? I want to apply a calendar to my business cards. I will not re-sell your brushes, just apply them to my personal business cards :)
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Feel free to use them :)
Wonderful brushes, just what I was looking for! Can I use them to make free digital scrapbook designs? Stuff I give away, no profit from it. Like here: [link]
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[link] I used your line brushes for my header. :D
Quick question - these were going to be used on graphics for my blog. Does that count as commercial if the graphics are not being sold?
May I plesae use these commercially? Needing some to put on a "Hollywood" art piece...
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Awesome brush.
Could I use in a forumfree skin?
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Feel free to use them.
BSAADemonicJill's avatar
wud i be able to use them on some of my utube backgrounds :)
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Can I use these for a school project? Just to be shown to my teacher and classmates?

I will credit you with a feature on my Deviant Journal if you wish =]
sorrywasntlistening's avatar
thanks for a work social club, no money to be made, will link
Hey, Awesome brushes I've used 2 of your fruit brushes on building a template for my friends company.. its a Non-profit organization and I em not making money doing this. I'm wondering if you have a problem with me using your brushes on their site.. if you would like to see a jpg of the template to see how it turns out or if you dont want me using them you can contact me at
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feel free to use them.
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Fair enough, but how do you get them as the right document for photoshop?
I loe your brush goood job
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