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I'm sure most of you can tell that I rarely update my deviantART page anymore. I've moved away from supply creation to graphic creation on my etsy shop page -

I do check in maybe once or twice a month, so if I do not reply to your comments, I apologize.

Feel free to use my supply files (brushes, patterns, etc) anyway you'd like. Credit is not mandatory, nor is asking for permission :)

I just though I'd update and put that out there.

I have updated my photoshop brush usage rules.

The major change is I now allow credit to be optional when using my brushes and resources. If you'd like to credit me, you can put a link back to my DA page, but it is no longer mandatory. For all updates, go to my brush rules journal entry. Thanks!

As most of you have noticed, I'm doing sample brush sets now. I still have a lot of my older sets up for free, but pretty much all my new sets will be sample sets. I will be putting these on deviantart along with the links to the complete sets that are being sold at my CHOKINGONSTATIC DESIGN BLOG for a small fee.

I'm mostly focusing on my etsy page and blog these days, but I am still going to be around on deviantart.

I'll try to check in once a week and reply to comments and notes and make sure to post sample sets and stuff as well.

Hope you all have happy holidays!

  • Credit is now optional for my brushes. If you want to give credit, you can add a link back to my deviantart page.
  • You are allowed to use these brushes on DA or off.
  • Do not redistribute my brushes as your own. If you'd like to add my brushes to a free brush collection etc, send me a note.
  • My brushes are free for noncommercial use. If you want to use them in commercial work, ask for my permission first or purchase the sets I have available on CHOKINGONSTATIC DESIGN.
  • Brushes that say "Images from Stock Exchange" or "Sorry, this set can not be used in commercial work" in the comment section, can not be used in commercial work.
  • Comments and/or favorites are greatly appreciated.
  • If you want to show me how you have used my brushes, send me a note/comment with the link to your deviation.
  • And last but not least, have fun using my brushes! If you have any suggestions for brushes you would like to see, send me a note and I'll consider it.
Sorry I have been slacking on here for a while now, I've been pretty busy with my etsy page. I've been listing a lot of things I've created and have recently posted a few bracelets. I'm also going to be posting a lot more over the coming weeks, so go take a look! Feel free to join and buy something! :D


Oh and there will be some changes on here pretty soon. I'm in the process of venturing into new territory. I'm not quite there yet, but once I get there, I'll let you guys know. I just hope that you guys will be cool with it. :)

Not sure how many of you know about Etsy, but it's this really cool site where anything handmade or relating to arts and crafts can be sold. It's sort of like ebay, but for what I consider artsy stuff.

I just recently started venturing into the jewelry making world and have bought a ton of supplies and started making things.

I have up some of my stuff and will continue posting more.

I'm not only going to be selling necklaces, earrings, and pendants that I make,..but I will be listing supplies such as beads, chain, pendants, etc that others can buy and use in their creations as well.

So, please go check me out on etsy - -!

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I received a few requests to add imagepacks for the sets I have created in photoshop CS. I'm going to try and get those up as soon as possible.

While I'm at it, is there any specific sets that are already in my gallery that any of you would like to have an imagepack for? I know that I should offer imagepacks for all my sets, but that would take a hell of a lot of time to do lol. That's why I figured I'd ask and see if any specific ones would be needed. And I'm also going to try to offer imagepacks from now on.

I also received a few print requests, so I put up a few things in the print section. Just thought I'd see if anyone would actually buy the stuff lol.

Well that is all I have to update about for now. Hope everyone has a lovely day :heart: :D
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I haven't posted a real journal entry on here in ages, so here we go with some updates.

I finally found some inspiration and am now in the process of submitting some new photoshop brush sets. I just submitted two sets - circle and square stamps - that I hope will be useful. I'm also going to submit some other works I've created within the past few weeks...once I get the chance.

One reason why I was so inactive for a while was because I got a new computer. Went out and bought myself a macbook pro for Christmas. It's the first time that I've ever had a mac, so it took a while to get used to. Plus all the time it took to finally get all my art related files organized and all that. But I'm finally well adjusted to start working on things and being more active on here.

I have quite a few sets I'm working on right now. Mostly ink related stuff. I just have to finish them up, scan them, and actually make them into brushes. So look to see that within the month.

As always, comments, suggestions, and critiques are always welcome!

That's about all I have to say. I hope all is well and to those who celebrate, I hope you have a Happy Easter!


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I decided that I would create a brush index for all my brushes. I placed them in categories that I thought would help everyone find what they were looking for a lot easier.

Total Number of Brush Sets: 93


Band Circles
Glow Stars
Quilt Squares
Random Circles
Retro Circles
Scribble Circles
Shapes 1
Shapes 2
Shapes 3
Shapes 4
Shape Tags

Decorative Boxes
Doodles 1
Doodles 2
Doodles 3
Jot Down Circles
Scratched Scribbles


Filmstrips/Negatives 1
Filmstrips/Negatives 2
Medical Related
Office Supplies


Alkaline Trio Lyrics
Depeche Mode Lyrics 1
Depeche Mode Lyrics 2
Depeche Mode Lyrics 3
The Hours Quotes
Incubus Lyrics 1
Incubus Lyrics 2
Shakespeare Quotes


Arrow Lyrics
Camera Parts
Masquerade Text
Number Cutouts
Stencil Words
Text 1


Receipts 1
Receipts 2
Ticket Stubs


Animal Stamps
Band Aid Stickers
Circle Stamps
Date Stamps 1
Date Stamps 2
Flower Stickers
Happy Rainbow Stickers
Smiley Face Stickers
Square Stamps
Square Stickers
Vacation Stickers


Border Lines
Dividers 1
Dividers 2
Swirl Icon Borders


Paint Strokes 1
Paint Strokes 2
Smudge Marks
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My birthday is this saturday. I'll have to update the age on my deviant ID haha. I do however get 4 days off from school, so maybe I can actually celebrate. :)

I'm in the process of making more brush sets. I just need some time to finish them. I'm also trying to come up with some creative ideas for new photomanipulations and stuff. I haven't had much patience with "art" these days, and I hope that I get in the mood to create something soon. I'll be finished with this quarter of school in a few weeks, so maybe once I get a break, I will have more free time to come up with some ideas.

I'm also thinking about making a journal entry for some sort of brush index. Since I have so many sets mixed in with other pieces in my gallery, I thought it might come in handy to list all the sets I have into categories along with their links. That way if anyone has any set they are trying to find in particular they can just look it up and go directly to the page where it is.

Well I just wanted to post a quick entry, I have to go finish some projects for class now. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. :)

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Hey guys, just thought I'd make a quick update. I would just like to thank everyone that is watching me, I think I now have over a hundred, so that's cool :) I just recently noticed that my 1 year mark was the other day, so yay for being on DeviantArt for a year haha!

I'm in the process of updating descriptions, previews, and titles on many of my brush sets. I realized that I needed to smooth out some discrepancies. Just trying to make everything tie in together and look a bit more alike.

I also think that I might make some of my most popular brush sets compatible with paint shop pro. I have Corel Paint Shop Pro X installed on my computer but never got around to making brushes with it. So, once I get the time to do that, I will be posting some of those. If there is a particular set on here that you would like to see for paint shop pro, just let me know.

Well that's about all I have to say for now. I'm going to go study for my macroeconomics test now and continue to update the brush sets.

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I'm slowly starting to update on here again.

My final week of the quarter (before winter break) is coming up and once I get exams out of the way, I'll have a whole month to dedicate to this.

I haven't had much time or inspiration to make new brushes but I'll try to post something soon. I finally submitted some old photographs I took during summer. And if I get the time and find something worthwhile, I might take and post some more.

I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things and I'm going to try my best to return comments and such over the next month.

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I'm going to be taking a break from DA for a while.

I don't have the time or energy to be very active on here anymore. I'm dealing with school and life issues and that seems to be taking up a lot of my free time. I will still check in from time to time, but I don't think there will be any submissions within the next few months. Once December rolls around, I might get a chance to get some new stuff up over my winter break. I have quite a few pictures I might post between now and then. I just thought I'd let everyone know, just in case I don't get back to you as fast as I used to or because you notice that there isn't anything new in my gallery for a while.
So, my Birthday is this friday, May 26th. I'll be turning 19. Just one step up from 18 haha. But hey, Birthdays can be good.

I got another 1000 views on one of my brush sets - border line brushes!

And I've been slacking off when it comes to creating and submitting brush sets. I like to submit sets that have at least 20 brushes in them, so it takes some time to get that many in one set. I have a ton of sets partially created, I just need to add a few more and they will be ready to use. Hopefully I wll be able to continue to come up with ideas for brush sets on a daily basis.

I'm also going back to older sets and submitting them to clubs. I'm trying to get some of those some more pageviews and such. But since I can only submit 3 per day/3 a month, it will take a while to get them all listed in the clubs I'm in.

Well I guess that's all I have for an update.


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I just reached over 1000 page views :D Thank you to everyone that stops by my page and gives me such great support!

In other news, I fixed my scanner! Now I can use it as another resource to help me with making brushes. The only downside is that I have to use it on my old computer and then transfer the scans to a disc so I can use them on my laptop. I have to deal with that for right now, but I might try to get a new scanner soon.

I'm in the process of making handwritten brush sets. I just added one set and I'm going to try and make a lot more. I really like the idea of writing out things, scanning them, and being able to use them as brushes. So if you have quotes, phrases, words, etc that you would like me to make into handwritten text brushes, just let me know. I'm always open to requests. :)

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I'm in the process of redoing my previews for my brush sets.

When I first started submitting my brushes, I didn't worry too much about the preview images. But now I feel the need to make them better. So I'm making a new design for each of them and once I get all of those finished, I will edit all the preview images for the old sets, and continue to use the same preview image for all my future brush sets. I have most of them redone, but I don't want to begin the editing until I have them all finished. That way I can update them all at one time and have them all looking similar.

And now I'd just like to send a thank you out to everyone who is so supportive and adds a lot of my brushes to their faves. It means a lot to know that they are liked :) Thank you to everyone who has added me to their watch lists. I hope to bring many more brush sets to your likings.

Right now I'm trying to focus on actually creating brushes from scratch and not from actual images. So far I've managed to make a 4th set of shape brushes and I'm going to start making a new set of tiny text brushes. So keep an eye out for those.

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I received my 500th pageview today! So that's kind of exciting.

I'm getting good feedback for my brushes so I'm working even harder to make more.

Here is a list of brushes I'm working on right now.

- depeche mode lyric brushes #2
- tool brushes
- sign brushes
- medication brushes
- seed/bean brushes

and probably a ton more once I get the ideas and put them into action.

If you have any request for brushes you would like to see me make, just leave a comment. I'd love to hear some ideas and I might even be able to fulfill your request. No promises, but I will take everyone's comments into consideration and see if I can make something worthwhile.

Thanks :)

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my shapes brushes 2 -… has received over 1000 views! :w00t!: Thanks to everyone who has used my brushes. This gives me a lot of motivation to continue making more :)