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animal stamp brushes


This is a sample set that includes 4 brushes for you to download and use freely.

To purchase the full set of over 70 + stamp related brushes , please visit here! Your business is much appreciated! :)

They were created in Photoshop CS
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Thank you for the freebie....
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wait a sec

the image adverts 18
you say there are 4 there
you ALSO say can paty an download over 70

somethings not adding up here care to help?
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The file that is set up with this deviation is for 4 free brushes. It's a sample set.

I have a set on my blog that is a combination of all my stamp brushes into one file, which you have to pay $2.99 for.

The 18 on the image was from the past, I just never changed the preview. Sorry for the confusion.
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well id think thatd mean 18 in the download at times when im lookin fer brushes i dont even bother to read the comment the image looks cool ill get them soo yea sumthin ta think bout

an i dont see a need ta pay but thats jus me colledge student on a crap windoze no mac an yea
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It so cute >w<
I like it
Thank you
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Hey there! Nice brushes :] I was wondering if I could get your permission to use them for my brother's band logo design. I'm not at all sure yet if I am going to use them, but yeah. :]
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sure, feel free to use them
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Downloaded your cute stamps but I'm going to use it off DA.

Thanks! :heart:
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these are so cool!
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cool... haven't downloaded it yet but will use it... thanks
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