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Winterdragon DTA by Choiicho Winterdragon DTA by Choiicho
Entering a Bagbean draw to adopt. This little fellow is just so cool! :happybounce:
But I didn't come further than this on it. I notices this when it was like less then 24 hours to deadline, and I wasn't sure exactly time of day that would be (cause it only says 1day on the comment and not hours). So I worked all night and all morning on it to hopefully get it in on time. And I did, yay! 

I'm always amazed about the creative genius of griffsnuff, how she's able to throw out such an amount of amazing designs as often as she does is truly remarkable. So when I noticed this I just had to enter. :D


Akssel Featured By Owner Edited Dec 1, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Daww, such an adorable winter dargon. Griffsnuff is really creative indeed, her designs are always colorful and most of them are color bombs. Her simple ones are cute as well. I love that you've picked this one because idk why but i love the winter element and everything that goes with it - ice, snow and etc. This little fellow has some nice icy colors and the soft brown is a nice touch. Oh wow, so many entries a lot of people want him it seems, lol. I'm sure you'll get him tho. From all of the entries i like yours best. It's 100 equal to griffsnuff's adopt and in your style it just makes it unique. The face, the pose the expression - just perfect. You've put a lot of effort on it and you certainly deserve it. The other enties have a chance as well, a lot of good artist want him too. Well, i'll be hoping that you'll get it. :la: Good luck! <333

p.s. Glad you're around again! :hug:
KravaLioness Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's so great to see something new from you, I was afraid you left DA almost completly :D This design is incredible! I love the details and colors that are unique choice yet not overwhelming. Great job c;
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December 1, 2017
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