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Paging Mr. Herman



My scanner is a giant piece of crap. Time for a new one. I have been saying that for three years, and they are so cheap...why do I persist in keeping this lump of junk around? Anyway...
Pee Wee. Playhouse. Paul Reubens. Sister request. Pastel on velour. 16" x 20"...
Will I catch hell for posting Pee Wee Herman art? Do the youngins even know who he is? Chairry? Konky? Terry?
I know you are but what am I? Is he known as the guy busted in the XXX theater or the man who danced the Tequila in the biker bar in platform heels on his tippy toes? My hope is the second choice.
I am proud of this orginal but it didn't scan well at all...
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It’s sad that he passed away