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Liam Payne. 1D project


Harry Styles: [link]
Zayn Malik: [link]
Niall Horan: [link]
Louis Tomlinson: [link]

. . .

Liam Payne; 1/5 of One Direction.

So! I thought it would be cool if I drew them all in the shortest time possible! It's a kind of challenge I wanna face.
Yesterday I drew Harry and today I decided to draw Liam. And here he is!
Ah, I would die of happiness if Liam saw it :c

Tools: Wacom Bamboo & Adobe Photoshop CS2 as always, google photo + plenty of brushes.

Time: 3h.
Sorry about the shirt. I had no frikken clue how to draw it checked so I did spots : x

Keep calm and wait for more! :happybounce:
>> If you have a cool photo of Niall, Zayn or Louis and you'd like to see it in digital, send me!

Leave a comment below!

Kisses, M
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i want one with harry kissing louis! Heart Animation 
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no  i meant harry and lou in one pic NaNoEmo day 22 -  Squinty Eyes 
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Ah, right xx 
You can suggest a base photo if you want and Ill draw these two as soon as im free :)
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huh?  what are these links for?
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You asked me to draw Harry and Lou, which Ive already done :)
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can you please draw harry and louis?    louis is my favela in love 
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oh sheesh, I need to draw Leeroy :p
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So beautiful! Youre awsome! :happybounce: +fav
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This piece of art has been featured in my journal: [link]
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this is adorable! :)
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my friend has a hat exactly like that... hmmm...
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This is a very nice drawing of liam,
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Aha! You know what I'm going to do? I am going to tweet this to Liam on twitter! Out of the millions of girls out there there is a 1% chance he'll see it!!!
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Aw that's so sweet of you! Massive thanks :heart: Let me know if he happens to notice :'D
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It's no biggie! I wish I had the power to make something trend on twitter.... now excuse me while I go brainstorm my mastermind ideas.....

haha. ^^

You're very welcome! :) :heart: :)
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aww soo muah hes my fave one from 1D
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