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Zootopia, Wreck-it Ralph, Big Hero 6
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Undertale, Final Fantasy 7
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Manga Studio 5, Illustrator CS6
Hi everyone. I've been quiet following my last announcement. I'll cut right to the chase - I've fucked everything up. I seriously hurt some of my partners and closest friends with my recent actions and caused a lot of lasting harm to many of those who've been most actively supportive of me for the past several years. Without going into specifics or over-explaining things, quite simply: I betrayed the trust and disregarded the feelings of those I love the most in an egregious way. To make matters worse, it had a knock-on effect which caused a massive rift within several groups we shared. I've done what I can to own up to my mistakes and try to help wherever possible, but the damage has been done and there's no way for me to take it back. I'm working on myself to figure out why this happened and how to avoid it in future, and slowly salvage my friends' trust after undermining it with my actions. I'm choosing not to name names because while I think I can trust folks not to bother them
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On this first day of what I aim to make as affirming and positive a pride month for all as possible, I want to take a second to address something very important to me and close to my heart.Up until two months ago, I was afraid of being seen. I wasn't ready, and deeply envied those who were. Just because I'm now in a happier, more motivated place than I was just a few months ago, I won't act like I was never struggling.I won't act like I was never confident in my own delusion that I was fine presenting as cis. That I could get by. This isn't easy and it never was.I don't want to have the same effect on those who are still struggling on their journey, or who have yet to even learn that they have one ahead of them. Pride is for everyone - even those who are figuring things out.So for those of you who feel left out of pride because you can't celebrate alongside everybody else: I see you, and you're valid too. It might not feel like it right now, but we're all here waiting for when that day might arrive.Hopefully sometime soon, whenever you're ready.
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I'm sorry. Things have been extremely difficult for me lately, and I just got another curveball thrown my way. Although I'm still fighting, I feel like the effort I can make is waning every day and leaving little over for myself and my artwork. I figured it was sensible to mention this in case anyone is wondering about the lack of new content starting from a couple weeks from now. I don't enjoy going on hiatuses like this and it feels like my work ought to take higher priority, but even without being overly dramatic, some days I've felt like I'm barely hanging on. I've got another therapy session set for tomorrow and I'm hoping it'll give me some mental clarity, but I thought it might be best to post about all of this while it's current. I'm still fighting and doing the best I can, but it's felt far, far harder for me than it has any business being and I'm running chronically low on stamina. I wish I could be stronger than this, but not being given the time I need to
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You’re such a big inspiration to me as an artist! 💚

You have an awesome gallery!

Thank you for properly tagging your pictures, unlike a few other artists I know

I do my best! Proper tag is very important for filtering and searching purposes.

Excuse me mister chocosune, I am wondering if you could give me a vouch on Weasyl for I am a recent join to Weasyl and I know my user image is different on Weasyl and my name on Weasyl is Fredrick2.

Also here's a link to my Weasyl account.

A vouch? Not sure what you mean, that's not really a feature of that site.

Do you do point commissions?