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Zootopia, Wreck-it Ralph, Big Hero 6
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Undertale, Final Fantasy 7
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Manga Studio 5, Illustrator CS6
Last night I got distracted from drawing things I planned on drawing because that's just the way that I'm built, but also because I discovered that the FA crosspost of my recent journal entry "I'm Genuinely Just So Fucking Fed Up of Posting Art" sparked lots of really thoughtful discussion and suggestions from those who read it, and ended up putting a lot of time and effort into replying to as many of those comments as possible. (And here I am still procrastinating from making art by writing a journal about the replies but shhhh we don't talk about that part) Important Sidenote: I don't intend for any of the points mentioned below to come across as a passive aggressive sleight against my peers. I've said it before and I'll say it again: even if I disagree with the ways other artists post and curate their artwork online, that's entirely their own business and what I say about the amount of effort I put into mine has no bearing on what they should or shouldn't do. Their
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Some sites have tags Others don't This one doesn't let you paste them as plaintext Some let users filter content Others don't Some have alt text Others don't Those that do have their own ways to add it Some have Content Warnings Some that do have plaintext fields Others have them in tags This one also doesn't let you paste them as plaintext Content warnings work differently on different sites so you need to account for that Some use markdown Some use BBCode Some use HTML Some apparently use some fucking batshit asinine combination of the above At this rate I'm just going to give up, dump it all into a web folder somewhere and occasionally post a link to it to remind people where to find it all cause I'm just about at my fucking limit I swear to god I am so fucking tired of it all and I've posted 3 things today It's genuinely discouraging as an artist with a middling following and doing this full time cause it's entirely in my best interests and feels like a
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I've been terribly ill this past week, and even still it hasn't stopped me from moving forwards. Without going into too much detail, I had the beginnings of a sore throat just before catching a very nasty stomach bug that surfaced this time last week, on Saturday night. The combination left me extremely weak and very much worse for wear, and even after recovering from that weekend from hell, it ultimately culminated in an agonizingly bad throat infection that lasted the rest of the week, denied me sleep, and has only started abating as of this morning. Both episodes came dangerously close to delaying major stages in my transition journey, even after enjoying an entire year of decent physical health. The timing was abysmal. The final major appointment for obtaining my HRT prescription was set for Monday morning, meaning that I had just about 24 hours to recover from a very unpleasant and physically draining night. Rescheduling would more than likely result in postponing the process
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Happy Birthday 🎂

You're welcome, birthday girl!

You’re such a big inspiration to me as an artist! 💚

You have an awesome gallery!

Quite belatedly, thank you so much!

Thank you for properly tagging your pictures, unlike a few other artists I know